ést.lab, a collaboration with renowned beauty experts and research institutions from all over the world to present to you the perfect synthesis of experience and technology.

Designed with one purpose in mind, ést.lab seeks to truly understand what’s best and necessary to achieve the highest rates of safety and efficacy for all skin types. Together with Singapore’s leading R&D agency, A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research), we have developed the SkAI (Skin Analytics and Ingredients) Matrix, a proprietary framework used as an evaluation tool and materials database to guide us in selecting and formulating the most relevant and highly effective products in beauty cosmetics.

Active ingredients are handpicked and formulated by a dedicated and experienced team that is not afraid to explore and combine traditional methods of wellness with cutting-edge research and technology, resulting in a series of skincare products that have since earned ést.lab the highest accolades and multiple awards from local and international media.

Available at all Estetica outlets and online:

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