Oily skin can easily arise as a result of the humid and hot temperate in Singapore, but it doesn’t have to be a norm for you!


Step out with bouncy, well-hydrated skin that glows!


Say goodbye to sensitive, red and blotchy skin, and welcome healthy, radiant skin!


May fine lines, wrinkles and saggy jowls no longer be a concern with our anti-ageing treatments to turn back time.


If you suffer from dull, uneven or pigmented skin tone, these treatments will help you to attain that flawless glow sans makeup!


Double-chin cramping your selfie-game? Achieve that chiselled and sculpted jawline of your dreams in no time!


Treatments for puffy, fatigued-looking eyes, dark-eye circles and eye bags, fine lines and droopy eye contours.


From concerns of sagging busts to firming and sculpting your body, hair removal and even body acne, find a suitable treatment within.


Acne Biotic Facial

Winner of Best Anti-Acne Face Treatment – Her World’s Spa Awards 2017

Stay blemish-free and solve your acne woes with our Acne Biotic Facial.
120 mins

Advanced Cryo+ Freeze Therapy

Optimises your beauty regime by increasing your skin’s ability to absorb beneficial ingredients.
45 mins

AquaGlow Peel

A new generation skin rejuvenation treatment that use highly pressured jet of oxygen and painless vacuum suction to deep cleanse pores and remove impurities, while simultaneously pushing in potent actives, which moisturise, brighten, plump and protect
30 mins

Biologic Defense Facial

Winner of Best Anti-Ageing Facial – Harper Bazaar’s Spa Awards 2020

Fight against effects of environmental aggressions and stress with the Biologic Defense Facial which optimises skin microbiome and rebalances skin hormonal levels to preserve skin health.
120 mins

Biopure Facial

Winner of Best Detoxing Facial for City Skin – CLEO’s Clear Skin Awards 2019

Get a healthy glowing complexion today through our Biopure Facial that improves oxygen supply to your skin cells.
90 mins

Collagen Treatment

Improve your skin’s natural collagen with this treatment for an instant age-reversing appearance as fine lines are plumped out.
20-40 mins

Customised Facial

Using ést.lab’s proprietary blend of skincare, Estetica’s Signature Customised Facial is a treatment based on an AI Skin Analysis to treat skin concerns of:
Acne / Ageing / Dull / Dry and Dehydrated Skin.
60-90 mins

Diamond Sparkler Treatment

Eliminates dirt and impurities on the skin’s surface to restore clarity and achieve a smoother and more luminous complexion.
15 mins

Enzymacid Facial

Clarify skin imperfections and dullness with our Enzymacid Facial to restore maximum radiance to your skin.
120 mins

geneO+ Super Facial

Integrates three cutting edge technologies, OxyGeneo, Tripollar RF and Hyaluronic Acid Infusion to help you achieve visibly younger looking skin after just one treatment.
120 mins

GenXSkin Facial

Turn back time with our latest cosmeto-genetic treatment – GenXSkin anti-ageing control system.
120 mins

Hydra Clinic Facial

Maintain an optimal level of hydration with our Hydra-Clinic Facial for a healthy, radiant glow.
120 mins

Intense Pulsed Light Face Therapy

Light based therapy for skin rejuvenation, anti-pigmentation and pore reduction.
45 mins

LED Oxy+ Therapy

Combines NASA’s Light Emitting Fiode (LED) Light Therapy and celebrities raved Oxygen Therapy to refine, rejuvenate and renew your skin.
20-40 mins

Meridian Detox Facial Treatment

Winner of Best Detox Facial – Her World Spa Awards 2022
Winner of Best Skin Lifting Treatment – Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa Awards 2022
Winner of Best Bojin Facial – Daily Vanity Spa & Hair 2021
Winner of Best Detoxifying Facial – Harper Bazaar’s Spa Awards 2021

Natural remedy to unblock meridian points and promote skin detoxification for better skin health from the inside out.
90 mins

Needle-Less Skin Booster Mesotherapy

Non-invasive treatment that uses advanced gas-liquid infiltration technology to infuse proprietary skin boosters into the deeper layers of the skin at super high speed with no pain, no downtime and no side effects
30 mins

Oxygen Glow Treatment

Experience the power of nature to invigorate your skin from the inside out to exude a healthy glow.
75 mins

OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Therapy

Winner of Instant Results Facial – Her World’s Spa & Wellness Awards 2021
Winner of Best Instagratifying Facial – CLEO’s Beauty Hall of Fame
Winner of Best Oxygenating Treatment – Singapore Women’s Weekly’s Spa Awards 2016

Delivers three essential skin renewing treatments simultaneously – exfoliation, infusion and oxygenation.
20-40 mins

RF MagneWave Anti-Ageing Therapy

Fight the effects of ageing with Mono-Polar radio frequency waves that traverse through all skin layers for both deep and superficial skin tightening effects.
20-40 mins

Sensitive Pro Facial

Winner of Most Soothing Facial – CLEO’s Beauty Hall of Fame
Winner of Best Calming Facial – Singapore Women’s Weekly’s Spa Awards 2018

Repair and protect fragile skin against physical (oxidative) stress & psychological (nervous) stress with our Sensitive Pro Facial.
120 mins

Skin Drainer Treatment

Removes accumulated toxins caused by poor circulation and strengthens facial muscles for tauter, healthier skin.
20 mins

Skin Shield Oxygen Facial

Winner of Best Anti-Acne and Clarifying Facials – Best Skin Softening Facial – Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa Awards 2022

Ideal for all city dwellers, Skin Shield Oxygen Facial protects the skin from various forms of pollution that weaken the skin barrier and accelerate premature ageing.
75 mins

Skinjexion Facial

Rapidly reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles with our high-performance Skinjexion Facial.
120 mins

Slim Face Lift

Winner of Best Face Contouring Facial – Her World’s Spa Awards 2018

Get a firmer, sharper facial contour with our Slim Face Lift Facial that refines and reduces fat clusters in a safe and effective way.
120 mins

Supreme DHE.AGE-RETINOX Facial

Enriched with DHEA-precursor and Retinol-like active ingredients, our Supreme DHE.AGE-RETINOX Facial is an intense regeneration treatment to stimulate cellular renewal and improve skin elasticity in mature skin.
120 mins

Tripollar RF Therapy

A third generation radio frequency modality that enhances the dermis in the safest and most pleasant way possible to reduce the expression lines and achieve a V-shaped facial contour.
20-40 mins

Vitamin Energy Facial

Winner of Best Energising Facial – Her World’s Spa Awards 2019
Winner of Best All-In-One Facial – Singapore Women’s Weekly’s Spa Awards 2019
Winner of Best Revitalising Facial – Harper Bazaar’s Spa Awards 2019

Recharge stressed and fatigue skin with this multi-vitamin treatment for a youthful, invigorated and revitalised skin.
120 mins

VitaLift A+ Multi-Wave Therapy

Specialised pneumatic vacuum suction system combined with bi-polar radio frequency to lift and firm facial contours while promoting lymphatic drainage.
20-40 mins


Luminous Eye Treatment

Winner of Best Illuminating Eye Treatment – The Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa Awards 2021

The Luminous Eye Treatment offers instantaneous results in just one session. From fine lines and wrinkles to dark eyes circles and puffy eyes, the solution to your eye concerns will easily be put to rest.
45 mins

Meridian Detox Eye Treatment

Enjoy the Meridian Detox Eye Therapy, a bojin (拨筋) treatment which utilises an ox horn tool to help dispel toxins from inside your body, and provides a lifting and depuffing effect on the eyes.
45 mins

OptimaLift A+ Eye Treatment

Restore vitality to your strained eyes with our signature award-winning OptimaLift A+ eye care series.
45 mins


Acoustic Multi-Wave Slim & Tone Therapy

Using a combination of Acoustic Waves, Multi-Polar RF and Vacuum Suction to accelerate fat reduction and lymphatic drainage.
30 mins

Anti-Acne Back Treatment

Eliminates acne and lightens blemishes for a smooth, glowing back.
60 mins

Body Slim Therapy

Osmo Salt Purifying Scrub, Detox Thermal Wrap, G5 Slim, LDG Fats Buster/VIP Body System.
80 mins

Intense Pulsed Light Permanent Hair Removal

Say goodbye to your troubles of unwanted hair permanently.
20 mins

Infrared Thermal Body Therapy

Take a break from your hectic lifestyle to relieve body aches and reduce stress.
60 mins


Morpho Bust Enhancement Treatment

Non-invasive treatment to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy bosom.
60 mins

RF MagneWave Body Slim & Tone Therapy

A quick, painless and effective treatment to give you visible slimming and toning results in just one session.
30 mins


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