They started with AquaPeel + Skin Glow Treatment. This is a temporary pore-opening treatment to effectively cleanse, exfoliate and extract impurities while delivering super serums to my skin at the same time. I can feel my skin very clean. This is the highlight, the Needle-Less Skin Booster Mesotherapy. It uses this gas-liquid technology to infuse skin boosters to the deeper layers of my skin. It kinda feels like tiny snaps on the face. I had the best rest because they massaged my shoulders, face and made me sleep like a baby.

zaffy14, AquaGlow Peel+ Needle-Less Skin Booster Mesotherapy

A few weeks ago I was lucky to expereience facial by Estetica. They use estlab products and omg the glow after the facial was insane. We did a hydrating facial targeting acne and my skin love their products.

andathesea_, Customised Facial + Cryo Therapy

It’s almost a pitch black environment and I feel so relaxed here. It’s 45 minutes and I managed to sink into slumber. That’s how tired I am esp, this month. No filter and makeup at all. I feel my eyes are so energetic now. As though I have put on my regualr concealer here.

aloebella, Luminous Eye Treatment
Do I even need to describe anything? Hear my internal monologue when I did the Meridian Detox Facial at @esteticabeautysg. Shiok!!!!! The therapist sure knows the right spots to press. It promotes blood circulation and I left with ultra rosy and glowy skin. Definitely revived my dull, tired skin and gave it a boost of radiance! 🧟‍♀️ -> 👸🏻✨

Putting more effort into self-love this season and I can’t believe I hadn’t had a facial done in a couple of years 💆🏻‍♀️

Popped by @esteticabeautysg for their Meridian Detox Facial recently to tackle specific skin concerns of mine including dull and dry skin, low skin elasticity, dark eye circles and bumps that are uninvited guests on my face that was shown to me via their AI SkinTech Analysis 🥲

This facial incorporates Bojin Therapy, an Eastern method that helps encourage Qi (energy) flow and skin detoxification by removing Meridian blockages – all by using an ox horn tool!

It was definitely something new for me but the entire session was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep 😂 I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to instantly glowier and firmer skin, with my dark eye circles visibly reduced! Now I can finally use less concealer for my under eyes LOL

Bringing back my skin glow with @esteticabeautysg’s Customised Facial Treatment.

Sometimes, all you need is two hours of ultimate pampering to not only rejuvenate your skin and body, but also refresh and reset the mind. What a day of self-care! 💆🏻‍♀️


Finally!! I’ve needed a facial badly the past couple of weeks and I’m so glad that facials are now available again! If you’ve been suffering from tired-looking and dull, puffy skin like I frequently do, the Meridian Detox Facial at @esteticabeautysg is gonna be such a life-saver! This facial utilises a special Eastern technique known as “Bo Jin” to encourage skin detoxification and increase blood circulation for a skin tightening, glowy effect.

You can see how my skin looks revitalised and lifted INSTANTLY! 💯 I walked out of the salon sans makeup because my skin was looking so good already. ☺️✨ Highly recommend this for those of you who need a bit of skin revitalising to bring that glow back.

Glowing skin is always in. ✨ Tried @esteticabeautysg’s NEW Meridian Detox Facial and my skin has been looking radiant and healthy!

The facial treatment utilises an Eastern method – Bojin (拨筋) therapy – with the use of an Ox Horn Tool, to unblock meridian points and relieve facial tension to promote Qi (energy) flow. Coupled with thorough cleansing and face + shoulder massages, it was such a pampering experience that I almost fell asleep! The treatment ended off with a rejuvenating face mask and the results? Firmer, brighter skin and a more lifted complexion!

🤍SKIN TREATMENT🤍 – I did a customised facial at @esteticabeautysg yesterday, it’s my second time trying this out – you get to do a quick skin analysis followed by a targeted treatment based on your skin concerns – I got a collagen treatment along with a mask done yesterday. It’s supposed to boost skin moisture, tighten pores & boost collagen production. I was able to compare my skin with the scan done from a year ago – and quite happy to note that my skin condition have improved overall – much much credit to everything I was able to try out!

I popped by #EsteticaBeautySG to try their new Luminous Eye Treatment and I’m so pleased that one session was all it took to rejuvenate my tired looking eyes. My eye area looks so much fresher.
✨This all-in-one treatment treats fine lines and wrinkles, lightens dark circles and reduces puffy eyes all in one 45-min sesh. 🖤 Bonus: The eye massages felt so good.

Thinking about my Vitamin Energy Facial Treatment by Estetica last week! Just a day after my first treatment, my skin looks better hydrated and more energised. I was feeling so tired after my trip to Japan but the facial helped my skin catch up on rest!..
👉🏻During the treatment, a total of 4 serums were applied to the skin. These include Vitamin Energy serum, a cocktail of 8 vitamins to help the skin fight premature aging & protect the skin from external aggressors, a high concentration of Vitamin C serum, a HTAC booster that is rich is vegetal taurin, a natural energy booster & HA serum….
👉🏻Using high frequency vibrations from the Premedikl Energetic T Bar, it encourages blood circulations while firming up the skin as it stimulates the formation of collagens. This also helps the skin absorb the serums better while remove signs of fatigue & lifting the skin….
⭐️What I love most about the facial besides knowing how much goodness my skin will receive, are the extremely detailed extraction & the relaxing massage….

Headed to @esteticabeautysg a week ago to try out their signature treatments! But first, the beauty therapist did a thorough skin analysis and consultation for me👌 I’ve always been diligent with my skincare routine but through the skin analysis, i found out that i was missing an important step on my routine, which is exfoliation, causing my skin texture to be slightly rough and uneven. My beauty therapist then recommended the OxyGeneo facial for me, which delivers 3 skin renewing treatments simultaneously- exfoliation, infusion and oxygenation🙌 My skin was very much brighter, smoother and a significant amount of blackhead on my nose was cleared🙌 Most importantly there was no redness despite my super sensitive skin! Throughout the treatment, the beauty therapist checked with me from time to time if i felt any discomfort, which i really appreciated. After the treatment, the therapist kindly let me try out Estetica’s in house skincare products which were developed in collaboration with A*STAR. The products absorbed into my skin super fast, was non sticky and was very hydrating👌 Thank you Estetica again for helping me feel more confident in my bare skin!☺


Boost radiance and luminosity of your skin with this non-invasive Needle-Less Skin Booster Mesotherapy that uses advanced gas-liquid infiltration technology to infuse proprietary skin boosters into the deeper layers of the skin. Experience the immediate results of injectables with no pain, no downtime and no side effects.

Her World Spa Awards 2023, Winner of Best-Customisable Anti-ageing Facial: Needle-Less Skin Booster Mesotherapy

This gentle, non-ablative yet ultra-hydrating treatment only takes 30 minutes and comes with no downtime, so you can head out right after. Truly, achieving that much-envied glowy, glazed donut complexion doesn’t get easier than this.

Her World Spa Awards 2023, Winner of Best Results-in-a-Flash (machine-based): AquaGlow Peel

Newsflash: As city dwellers, we’re constantly being bombarded by environmental pollutants that cause damage to skin cells and lead to premature skin ageing. This skin treatment infuses skin with antioxidants to neutralise free radicals, and reduce inflammation and sensitivity, while improving skin resilience against oxidative stress. The result? Soothed, radiant and healthy skin.

Harper's Bazzar Spa Awards 2022, Winner of Best Anti-Pollution Facial: Skin Shield Oxygen Facial

Skin felt invigorated and looked instantly brighter. Plus, it remained youthful and glowy, even days after. The painless extraction was also a big bonus.

Her World Spa Awards 2022, Winner of Best Detox Facial: Meridian Detox Facial

The result? You’ll leave the treatment radiating with a youthful glow, with less lines and wrinkles, reduced skin sensitivity and inflammation, along with clean and minimised pores.

The Singapore Women's Weekly’s Spa Awards 2022, Winner of Best Skin Softening Facial: Skin Shield Oxygen Facial

Our tester felt her skin looked firmer, less puffy, more even-toned and more supple afterwards. She found the pressure point massage relaxing as well.

The Singapore Women's Weekly’s Spa Awards 2022, Winner of Best Skin Lifting Treatment: Meridian Detox Facial

Get bright-eyed. An eye treatment that combines radio frequency, high frequency vibration and infrared light therapy and ést.lab OptimaLift A+ eye care products to tighten the skin, encourage collagen production to smooth out wrinkles and promote micro-circulation to reduce puffiness.

The Singapore Women's Weekly Spa Awards 2021, Best Illuminating Eye Treatment: Luminous Eye Treatment

Everyone needs a good skin detox every so often and for that, there’s this bojin facial that works in a similar way to gua sha. A specialised bojin tool is used to massage acupressure points to clear meridian blockages, promote circulation and stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. The massage also encourages lymphatic drainage, so expect a visibly lifted visage as well.

Harper's BAZAAR Spa Awards 2021, Best Detoxifying Facial: Meridian Detox Facial

Long hours in front of the computer or late-night feeds can leave the eyes tired and puffy. Using a combination of Estetica’s award-winning eye care products together with a proprietary massage technique, the eye treatment infuses the active ingredients into the skin of the delicate eye area while draining away toxins to de-puff and boost micro-circulation that will leave you looking bright-eyed again.

Her World Singapore, Luminous Eye Treatment

This quick fix facial brightens and refines the complexion instantly.

This three-in-one treatment combines gentle exfoliation, skin oxygenation, and rejuvenation with an infusion of revitalising nutrients, to get skin smooth, supple and glowing. The facial promises to boost skin’s natural oxygenation to enhance the benefits of the products that follow.

My skin looked brighter and more evenly toned. And the effects actually lasted for a few days. For such a short treatment, the improvements were impressive and noticeable.

Her World Singapore Spa & Wellness Award 2021, Best Instant-Results Facial: OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Treatment

15 Local Beauty Brands You Should Know, If You Don’t Already

With 40 years of beauty experience and the latest innovation in science and technology under their belt (at Estetica Beauty), ést.lab creates products that help achieve the highest rate of efficacy for all skin types. They’re the first brand to partner with A*STAR, Singapore’s leading R&D agency, and they even developed a framework that helped formulate the most relevant and effective products in the beauty industry. Aside from its research and innovation capabilities, they’ve also committed themselves to build a more sustainable business through sourcing, ingredients, and even packaging.

The Singapore Women's Weekly

Guided by the fact that the skin is a living, breathing organ with its own ecosystem of skin flora, this facial seeks to rebalance the skin’s microbiome with essential nutrients to nourish the microorganisms in the dermis. This includes pH‑friendly soya actives and ceramides to shore up the skin’s defence against external aggressors—helping to stave off dryness, inflammation and other issues—as well as stimulate the production of fibroblasts and collagen to improve the overall look and feel.

Harper's BAZAAR Spa Awards 2020, Best Anti-Ageing Facial: Biologic Defense Facial


Started to breakout really badly when I turned 18 and it continued on for a whole year. But after a few sessions at Estetica (bukit panjang plaza), my skin improved drastically! The staff at this outlet were patient in updating me of my skin condition during each visit as well as tips to take care of my skin. Still going for sessions as of now on a less frequent basis but my skin condition hasn’t worsened at all. Would highly recommend their services to anyone facing the same problem.

Shareen Dania, Bukit Panjang Plaza Outlet Customer

My skin was sensitive and dry but now i can see my pores are more clean and healthy. Lovely staff. Always look forward to a nice and relaxing time here.

Jane Tan, Century Square Outlet Customer

My family and I are regulars at this place and we love the service!! You can really feel the difference with your skin after their facial. Unlike most facial places, they offer a very comfortable and soothing environment. You can really tell that they aim to give customers the best service available, even the bed is customized to provide a better resting posture while you have your face or massage done. I would highly recommend this place if you are looking for quality facial.

Lachelle Khaw, Compass One Outlet Customer

Have been a customer here for 6 years and believe I will continue to be for a long time – have always received attentive service from the staff and they are always genuine and friendly whenever I arrive for my sessions 🙂 treatments are also effective

Julia Lim, Northpoint City Outlet Customer

The service was good and your service was excellent. I feel my skin did feel smoother than before too 🙂
I’m definitely looking forward to improving my skin condition with Estetica!

Jessica Chan, Parkway Parade Outlet Customer

My mum and I are very satisfied with our facial treatments during our visit to Estetica Beauty! Our skin is now more radiant and moisturised, which would not have been possible without the excellent service. The team was very conscientious, checking in with us and explaining the different steps of the facial they was taking me through. The extraction and massage skills were also very good and we both had a very relaxing time. We knew that we were in good hands and could trust Estetica Beauty with our skin. Sincere thanks! Highly recommend anyone who is thinking of visiting Estetica Beauty!

Jewel Ng, Plaza Singapura Outlet Customer

I have been with (Estetica) since 2008 and am very impressed with (their) personal touch and tender loving care. (They are) very professional and always provide me with good recommendations according to the needs of my skin. It is enjoyable to have such a wonderful and caring consultant and friend to journey with me during different stages of my life.

Angela Chow, Westgate Outlet Customer


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