Ever inspired by the latest progress in Cosmetic medicine, and in uncompromising and constant pursuit of effective products, Ericson Laboratoire has developed Cosmeceutic treatments with extremely powerful and innovative formulas since 1962. Thanks to a holistic approach relying firmly on Nobel Prize-winning research and development, active ingredients of marine, phyto-biological and bio-technological origin – derived from the most cutting-edge research – are selected for their exceptional qualities and visible results. The brand promises to offer a solution adapted to every skin’s needs in order to help everyone achieve radiant and youthful skin glowing with health. The international cosmeceutical brand’s growing success around the world testifies to the timeless excellence of its approach. Available today in 450 beauty care institutes in France and in over 6,000 more across the globe – in 50 countries – the brand continues to grow and inspire a loyal following.





Biologic Defense




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Pur Oxygene




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Supreme DHE


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