No need for chemical peels and laser treatments.

Are your usual facials lacking a little oomph and need some upgrading? Yes, we’re talking about getting a total skin rejuvenation that goes beyond your monthly basic facial treatment to attain an ethereal glow like never before. 

Sounds too good to be true? We kid you not!


If enlarged pores, skin dullness, fine lines and uneven skin texture are your key concerns, your “old skin” might be weighing down your look and a lil’ peeling might be just what you need.

No, we’re not referring to the infamous peel featured in Sex and the City where Samantha’s skin became red and flaky! Nor are we recommending harsh chemical peels and laser treatments as these may cause skin thinning and sensitivity in the long run.


*drum roll* Introducing two of Estetica’s ultimate skin resurfacing treatments: the classic Diamond Peel and the newly launched AquaGlow Peel. There’s no pain, redness, side effects and downtime associated with these 2 treatments so you can expect an instant glow up with zero disruption to your daily routine.

Ready, get set, GLOW!


What is a Diamond Peel?

Shine bright like a diamond! 

One of the OG resurfacing treatments, this traditional non-invasive machine treatment works on the epidermis to remove dead skin cells, accumulated dirt and excess oil on the skin’s surface with a pen-like tool.


Think of it as a sandpaper, it uses mechanical exfoliation with natural or synthetic diamond metal tips to buff out the skin, effectively sloughing off the older layer of the skin surface and unveiling the younger layer underneath it. 

And the best part of taking all of that off? Glorious new baby-smooth skin that’s now ready to soak in all the nutrients and whatever skincare goodies you’re going to apply thereafter!


What is an AquaGlow Peel?

Delicious juicy jello skin!

As literal as it is, this treatment gives you the aqua (hydrated) + glowy look. If Diamond Peel is too basic for you, this next level 4-in-1 gentle skin resurfacing might be just what you need. It cleanses, peels, extracts and infuses the skin with vitamins all at the same time. Defo a timesaver for busy urbanites.


Similar to a Diamond Peel, it uses the method of mechanical exfoliation. But instead of an abrasive tip, it uses a highly pressurised jet of oxygen and vacuum suction to deep cleanse, exfoliate and gently extract impurities embedded deep within the pores. Good news if you have low pain tolerance as no squeezing and pressing is required to unclog your pores! 

Is that all? Of course not!

AquaGlow Peel also chemically exfoliates using a peeling solution which contains acids to break down dead skin cells on the skin surface, loosen debris within the pores whilst penetrating deeper into the skin layers to awaken sluggish cells and stimulate renewal. These peeling solutions are also customisable based on your skin type and double up as a skin booster to provide nutrients, antioxidants and hydration.

Take your pick from 3 power-packed solutions: 

1. Non-irritating AHA that sheds dead skin and stimulates cell renewal on the skin’s surface, for baby smooth skin

2. Deep pore penetrating BHA that penetrates deeper into the skin to provide thorough cleansing and purging effect, for clear, blemish-free skin

3. Pro-antioxidant Vitamins C & E with double the antioxidant power to repair free radical skin damage, for youthful, radiant skin


Diamond Peel v.s. AquaGlow Peel: which is better?

Facing off the two, which is more impressive? Let’s tick the checklist!

You must have guessed it right! Both treatments are similar, but more than just a dermabrasion treatment, AquaGlow Peel reigns supreme over the classic Diamond Peel. 


While both treatments are suitable for most skin types to brighten dull complexion, smoothen rough skin texture and lighten acne scars and blemishes, opt for the AquaGlow Peel if you’ve congested pores or dry, sensitive skin as it helps to “vacuum” out accumulated dirt stuck in pores and push in potent actives to hydrate the skin, yet it is gentle enough to exfoliate even sensitive skin.

Can’t wait to experience our new AquaGlow Peel Treatment? You’re in for a treat! For new customers, you can now redeem a session of the AquaGlow Peel Treatment + SkinGlow Facial at an exclusive trial price of $168 (U.P. $400). Pre-purchase our e-voucher and enjoy a complimentary eye mask during your facial sesh!


If you’re still unsure which peel is more suitable for you, fret not, as our team of professionals will conduct a pre-treatment SkinTech analysis to find out your current skin condition and recommend the best treatment to address your skin woes and perk up your skin. 

Time to get a-peeling skin! 

In good hands,