Do these trends really improve your skin?

With the uprising of TikTok, many trends have emerged, from dance-offs to makeovers and cleaning hacks to fuss-free recipes. TikTok definitely has no shortage of content and entertainment. Today, we’re here to uncover some of the top skincare trends seen on TikTok! Scroll on to find out if these trends are actually good for you.

1) Slugging

Skincare horror level:

A K-beauty trend, and also advocated by Martha Stewart (yes, we’re talking about the Martha who’s known for her cookbooks), slugging involves covering your entire face overnight with Vaseline to “lock in moisture”.

It has been claimed that slugging can help to prevent Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) as Vaseline acts as a barrier by trapping in moisture. However, Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that is comedogenic (clog pores) and can cause milia seeds and breakouts, especially if you’ve oily and acne-prone skin. 

While slugging may be popular in countries where there’s dry winters to prevent the skin from flaking, this is not advised if you stay in countries with hot and humid climates like Singapore as it can just cause our skin to act up.

2) Skin Icing

Skincare horror level:

We’ve all heard that ice can work as a quick fix to depuff our eyes or face, but is it necessary to ice our skin religiously? Well, Tina Chen Craig (better known as Bag Snob) in her TikTok of 2.4M views and counting swears by this trick.

Skin icing creates a constricting effect on capillaries, helping to reduce skin redness and puffiness. However, using ice directly on your skin, especially if you’ve thin skin or are prone to sensitivity, can exacerbate the redness. In more serious cases, prolonged contact with the ice can also cause frostbite on the skin. 

While this trend is not entirely a no-go, we highly recommend not to apply raw ice directly onto your skin. Instead, wrap it with a handkerchief or towel to prevent direct contact of the ice on your skin.

3) Micro-needling

Skincare horror level:

If you’ve been watching skincare TikToks, we’re sure you’ve seen the infamous video of Kyle Thomas trying the derma roller and suffering from extreme skin redness that could be seen even through the mask he was wearing after.


new daily skincare routine! ✌️ derma roller + peeling solution!

♬ original sound – kyle thomas ✌️

More recently, a contestant on Australian Big Brother, Tilly Whitfield has also come out on her Instagram to explain why she was often seen on the show with a clay mask or heavy makeup. Reason: micro-needling gone wrong!

Micro-needling is the act of using a tool that punctures tiny holes in the skin to help improve the skin’s texture and appearance. This causes “damage” to the skin and prompts the body to repair itself, thereby inducing cell renewal and the growth of new skin. When done right, this can achieve great results. 

However, not everyone is able to control their strength and the micro-needles may go deeper into the skin than they should, injuring the skin as a result. Additionally, if the micro-needles used aren’t sterile, infection may occur and cause scarring. 

Our verdict? Do not try this at home without training!

4) Hydrocolloid patches:

Skincare horror level:

Pimple patches have been a thing for as long as we can remember, but it seems TikTok fans have found themselves a cheaper alternative – hydrocolloid band aids.

While some are using hydrocolloid patches, others have taken to using blister band aids that are meant for your feet. The adhesives found in blister band aids are often formulated to be stronger in order for the band aids to remain on your feet while you’re out. So what this means is that when you’re using it on your face that is imminently more fragile, you could be tugging your skin when removing the band aid. OUCH! 

The reason why these band aids seem to work is because they keep bacteria out of the pimple, and also by absorbing moisture and oil from the skin, the pimple eventually dies out. But here’s a TikTok which explains why you shouldn’t try this hack.

We say, try this only if you’re in a pickle and already have these hydrocolloid patches at home.

5) Sunscreen contouring

Skincare horror level:

Makeup contouring helps to give us a sculpted appearance, which can only otherwise be achieved through filters and facetune. However, TikTok has recently sprouted a trend of sunscreen contouring, where sunscreen is only applied on selected areas of the face such that you’ll get a tan where you’d normally apply your contouring makeup.

We only have one thing to say about this trend: DO NOT ATTEMPT!

Sunscreen is worn to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays which can cause the following: skin cancer, premature ageing, hyperpigmentation, redness and burns. It is important to wear sunscreen the right way – a minimum of SPF30, in at least a twenty-cent coin-sized amount for the entire face and neck. P.S. Don’t miss out on your ears too!

Now that we’ve uncovered the truth behind these popular beauty tips trending on TikTok, let us know if you’re still keen on trying them out. You’ve been warned!

In Good Hands,