Get firmer skin and more defined facial contours with Estetica’s Slim Face Lift Facial

As we age, it’s inevitable that your skin becomes less firm and less plump. This happens because the production of the skin’s building blocks, namely collagen and elastin, slows down, and the existing ones in the skin may become disorganised. To firm up facial contours, some opt for invasive face treatments like face lifts. Not everyone’s a fan of needles or surgery, so look to non-invasive treatment types such the Slim Face Lift Facial from Estetica.

Road tested by Her World’s editors and picked by their readers for Best Face Contouring Facial award in Her World’s 2018 Spa Awards, this facial works to leave your complexion looking brighter, face contours sharper, and skin feeling more supple and smoother.

Inspired by surgical procedures like liposuction and face lifts, this facial works to remodel the inner framework of your skin – to organise the chaos, hold skin cells firmly together, and restore skin functions that have become worn out due to skin ageing – so that your complexion  can radiate youth. To do this, the therapist exercises skin-remodelling techniques as she applies the skincare products during the facial. The therapeutic facial massage goes across the whole face, and the strokes feel firm yet extremely pampering. What’s more, there is extra focus on the jawlines, cheeks and chin. Bliss.

Suitable for all skin types, the facial uses Parisian professional-use skincare, Ericson Laboratoire, which is infused with antioxidant-rich marine extracts to protect and nourish skin. The multi-serum treatment begins with a double cleanse to remove makeup and purify skin before a gentle exfoliation. After the exfoliant is wiped off, a hyaluronic acid serum is applied to deeply hydrate. Next, a Lipo Drain Serum is massaged on fatty face areas to help promote lymphatic drainage, refine and reduce puffiness. A Fibro Elastic Serum ensues to lift and firm facial contours, followed by the Lypolysine Cream Mask, which is applied to both the face and neck with a gentle face massage to firm skin.

The therapist then uses a manual suction tool known as the Premedikl Facial Lift Pumper to stimulate circulation upwards from the neck to the cheeks. With that, skin is treated to a firming mask treatment where a thick layer of the Lypolysine Cream Mask and a Fokal Addesion Mask is left on for 20 minutes until it hardens and is removed. You’d love that the facial can also help to make your face look slimmer as it works to reduce fat clusters at the cheeks and chin.  As the final step, the nourishing Integrine Nutrition moisturiser is applied over face and neck to retain moisture and lock in all the firming goodness of the facial.

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Estetica’s Slim Face Lift Facial is available at all Estetica beauty studios: #06-18 Plaza Singapura (6737-2234); #04-08/09 Bukit Panjang Plaza (6766-9668); #03-19/20 Compass One (6343-9939); #04-02 Century Square (6788-0188); #03-49 Westgate (6465-9118); #02-24 Northpoint (6755-5726); and #02-22 I12 Katong (6440-0112).

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