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So like I mentioned on my Dayre (you can read it here), this is all about the details of the facial.

Made my way down to Plaza Singapura that day and boy was I in dire need of self-pampering due to all the accumulated stress from filming in KL. What can I say? #欧阳萱萱 really is the hardest role for me to play to date.

Really love the whole concept of the store front. Purple and white. Royally simple. (:

Began the consultation with Alice and I literally learnt so much more about my skin from that session, pretty amazed.

I’m serious when it comes to skincare. Also thankful my parents for gave me a really good start with their genes. However, I’m more towards the fairer side on the skin tone chart and I tend to want to keep it that way. Thus, am always applying brightening mask, lotions and whatnot. Only to find out that it’s not exactly good for my skin because it’s drying.

Began with cleansing, then came the unique facial massage which made me felt like a real queen. Then it was the eye treatment, application of serum then mask.

Did a skin analysis test using the SkinTech Machine. The results of my skin’s level of hydration, sebum, skin elasticity and pigmentation were then computed and converted into charts and shown on the screen.

Alice told me that if my skin have got enough hydration going on, I wouldn’t have to worry much about brightening because everything underneath will balance out. Which I thought, made a lot of sense. XD

Finally after learning all about the condition, it’s time for some treatment!

I got the names list for the products being used because I thought some of you might be interested in purchasing them (also because I’m one of them said interested buyers). XD

Step one: Cleansing with Vitalift A+ Revive Cleansing milk & ActivCalm Calming lotion.

My thoughts: I came without makeup but had some sunblock on. There was a slight difference in terms of my skin’s level of moisture when Alice helped me cleansed my face versus my own cleansing routine which involves eye makeup remover and remover wipes. I guess the cleaning milk and calming lotion had something to do with it.

Step two: Facial massage with ActivCalm Moisturizing Cream.

My thoughts: I’m told that it boosts cellular metabolism and repair skin protective barrier. I don’t know about that but I love love LOVE this part the best. Drifted off to dreamland the moment it started. My goodness, it was so awesomestically satisfying that my mood was lifted instantly. XD

Step three: Firming eye treatment using SRS Lymphatic system by applying OptimaLift A+ Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream.

My thoughts: It might not seems like it in photos but my eyebags and dark circles are actually quite bad from all the sleepless nights in KL. But I did notice how my eyes seemed less puffy after the entire facial ended.

Step four: Moisturizing time with ActivCalm UltraCalm Serum.

My thoughts: Love this product. Instant dewy-ness can be felt almost instantly. The suppleness is to die for!!

Step five: Masking with Derma Calm Mask.

My thoughts: Gotta love masks. They are the ones locking in all the moisture.


Much confidence was felt after that one session, so much so I walked around PS barefaced. XD

Gahhhhhh, I’m missing the facial as I’m typing this. Really wanna fit another appointment into my schedule soon!

Do get yourself an appointment with them if you’re interested with what I tried that day!

For more info, you can visit their website! (:

You can find all information you need at their Facebook page and their Instagram account.
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Source: Jayley’s Blog – Trip Down To Estetica and Jayley’s Dayre – Trip Down To Estetica