Witching you a happy Halloween … (minus the horror)

Hey beauty babes! It’s the time of the year to dress up again and we’re talking about the fang-tastic Halloween season. While you’re all dolled up in your badass costumes and wildest makeup, let us share with you some skincare tricks and treats so you don’t go around spooking anyone when you go bare-faced!


Step right in if you’re in for some trick-or-treating (skincare edition)!

#Trick 1:

Exfoliate to resurrect your dull skin

Is your skin deathly pale, patchy and scaly like the walking dead? You seriously need to exfoliate! Yes, even if you’re dressing up as a zombie!


While your skin has its own natural ability to regenerate, its metabolism will start slowing down with age. If you want baby soft and smooth skin, always exfoliate to unveil the new and healthy skin underneath so that you can #skipthefilter!

#Treat 1: 

Estetica’s highly raved AquaGlow Peel Therapy is defo a treat for you if you’re looking for a next-level exfoliation to revive your skin. 

Comprising a hybrid of chemical and mechanical skin exfoliation, this has not one, not two, not three but four treatments in one facial to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and infuse all at the same time. Spooktacular!

With this treatment, we promise you can have clear, luminous skin like a magic crystal ball.

#Trick 2:

Prank-proof your skin


Diet, hormones, environmental stressors etc. wreaking havoc on your skin? It’s time to protect and put up your skin’s defences.

If you want your skin to thrive and function at its optimal state, it’s best to invest in strengthening the skin’s flora and immune system. 

#Treat 2:


Apply 2 to 3 pumps of ést.lab’s ActivCalm Quick Soothing SOS Serum on your skin redness and watch it dissipate within minutes. If this isn’t magic then what is? 

It also has other skin strengthening benefits as it is supercharged with pre-biotics to support a healthy microbiome and soothe irritations for your skin’s natural flora to flourish. 

#Trick 3:

Break the dry spell


Cursed by dry, crepey skin which looks worse with makeup? Moisturise your skin with a facial oil serum if you want to achieve that highly coveted Korean ‘chok chok’ dewy juicy skin.

#Treat 3:

Nourish your skin with ést.lab’s VitaLift A+Intensive Youth Restoring Capsules, an oil-infused serum that’s encapsulated in monodose pods. Formulated with antioxidant powerhouse Fullerene to neutralise free radicals, squalene and ceramides to improve dryness, and anti-ageing peptides to restore youthfulness and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, we swear it’s better than Vitamin C! 

Want something more intensive that plumps up your skin from the deepest level?

Estetica’s Needle-Less Skin Booster Mesotherapy might be the answer.

It provides intense moisture and hydration to the skin with the latest gas-liquid infiltration technology, which atomises and injects active skincare ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to the deepest level and boosts collagen production for supple, bouncy skin from within.

Yes to having a #jelloskin for your Halloween party!

#Trick 4:

Add some high-tech fun 

A good skincare routine is one that uses high-performing skincare products that address your skin needs. Amp that up with the latest skintech devices for greater efficacy and visible results.

Pic Cr

#Treat 4:

The “magic wand” that every pixie fairy needs. 

Optimise the performance of your skincare routine at home with our latest LumiGlow SmartSkin Buddy, which cleanses, lifts, soothes and brightens your skin in one single device. Enhanced with LED red, blue and green light to target your individual skin concerns for ageing skin, inflamed skin or dull skin, fall head-over-heels with this high-tech baby.

Pic Cr

Time to soak in the fun with boo-tiful skin! No slimy frogs, stinky toes or gruesome jingly eyeballs are needed. 

In good hands,