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Even if you’re not a skincare junkie, you should already know the importance of wearing sunscreen. It protects our skin from the perils of UVA and UVB rays, which can cause premature ageing, melanoma, pigmentation and more. But what if we tell you that a well-formulated sunscreen can protect against blue light damage too?

Never heard of blue light? Scroll on to find out how this inconspicuous thing can be harmful to our skin!

What is blue light?

It is a cool-toned white light (part of the spectrum of white light, and is a high energy light in violet/blue wavelengths of 400 to 500 nm) that is emitted from digital devices. That includes laptops, mobile phones, tablets and even the television. Apart from that, they are also emitted from other household appliances such as microwaves and even LED light bulbs.

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How does blue light harm our skin?

When it comes into contact with our skin, blue light activates a photosensitiser –  Flavin, which produces a cascade of chemical changes within the skin. One outcome is the production of free radicals, which damages the skin causing collagen to break down. It also increases the amount of skin barrier damage, which leads to cell and tissue death. On top of that, it can cause additional DNA damage, eye damage, photo-ageing and pigmentation (especially in those with darker skin tones). ?

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What can we do to prevent blue light exposure?

1) Spend less time on tech devices

Tech devices are the main source of blue light exposure! We are constantly facing a computer/laptop at work and when we knock off, our eyes are glued to our mobile phones and tablets as if we couldn’t live a minute without them (we are guilty of that too…). 

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Try not to be so reliant on our tech devices. The lesser time we spend staring at them, the lesser chance of exposure to blue light. In the long run, you’ll be glad you heed this advice when you notice your peers are facing premature ageing while you still look younger than your age. 

2) Incorporate antioxidants in your skincare

Try ést.lab’s VitaLift A+ OPC Antioxidant Cream. Rich in OPC, also known as oligoproanthocyanidin, it helps protect skin against environmental aggressors such as urban pollution, UV damage and oxidation that causes free radical damage, leading to signs of premature ageing. The best part? It improves collagen synthesis! Strengthen, protect, and preserve your skin’s youthful and radiant appearance with this moisturiser today.

3) Wear sunscreen daily, even when indoors

ést.lab’s SunShield and newly reformulated SunShield Aqua are both equipped with broad-spectrum SPF 50*** to shield against UVA and UVB damage. But more than just that, they are imbued with anti-blue light properties to shield against blue light damage! 

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Our bestselling SunShield SPF50*** is a highly moisturising sunscreen that comes with a colour-changing technology that blends according to your skin tone, making it perfect for days you decide to skip foundation. 

It contains Marigold Plant Extract, a revolutionary plant-based active which acts as an effective blue light filter to protect skin against harmful effects of blue light emitting from digital devices and indoor lighting that can worsen photo-ageing, hyperpigmentation and skin inflammation. It is also a powerful anti-ageing and antioxidant sunscreen that neutralises free radicals that cause oxidative stress at a cellular level. 

The SunShield Aqua SPF50***, on the other hand, comprises of a non-comedogenic formulation which makes it a great option for users with oily and acne-prone skin. This sunscreen is also lightly tinted for sheer coverage.

It contains Theobroma Cocoa Seed Extract, a unique composition derived from non-fermented Cocoa seeds that have good resistance to blue light stress, effectively reducing Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) associated with blue light damage. It also helps the skin stimulate collagen production and improves the quality of the elastin network for a visible reduction in wrinkles and a smoother complexion.

Now that you know all about blue light and its harmful effects on the skin, it’s time to reduce your screen time and stock up on skincare with blue light protection. Your skin will thank you for it!

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