Break this bad habit, pronto. 

Picking at our skin is a terrible habit to have, but most of us just can’t help it! Be it mosquito bites, calluses, or scabs, the moment there’s a bump on our skin that doesn’t belong there, we just have to pick it off. But this skin picking habit significantly worsens when it comes to pimples. Picking at pimples can result in a bloody mess that leaves behind unsightly scars.

If you’re a serial pimple-picker plagued with pesky mask-ne (double trouble alert!), here are 5 tips on how to kick the habit and prevent yourself from scratching your face off. 

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1) Trim your nails

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Cut your nails short and file them regularly. Long and sharp nails make it easier to pick bumps off, but duller, shorter ones make it a lot harder. You will find yourself giving up on picking that particular pimple once you realise it’s a hopeless and impractical task with your nonexistent claws.

2) Cover up

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Use medical tape or acne patches on your pimples to protect them from your itchy fingers. They will serve as a physical and visual barrier to keep you from picking at the pimples. Plus, it’ll help your pimples to heal sooner too, which is definitely a BIG plus. 

3) Keep your hands occupied

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Those stress balls and fidget gadgets can finally be put to good use. You can also busy yourself with hobbies like baking or drawing – the point is to keep your mind and hands away from your face and towards other tasks. It doesn’t hurt to enrich yourself with a new and fun activity!

4) Tell someone about it

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Set a goal to stop picking your pimples, and hold yourself accountable by telling people about it. This way, not only will you be more motivated to keep your hands off your face, but in the event that you do, they can stop you from doing it if they see it happening.

5) Consider therapy

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If you feel that your picking habit has become too excessive and has resulted in serious scarring or has interfered with other aspects of your life, consider going for therapy. While skin picking can make the bumps disappear temporarily, sometimes they leave behind scars which can cause one to be frustrated and depressed. Living with poor self-image and low self-esteem can be destructive to your mental health so reach out to a professional, and you may find yourself better able to break your pimple-picking habit.

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Picking at your pimples is a formed habit, and can be unlearnt. Put in the effort to keep your hands away from them, and you’ll find your complexion getting better in no time! Another trick is to speed up the healing process of your pimples by using the right products or prevent them from even forming in the first place! 

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Overcome your bad habit of picking pimples, and say hello to clear and balanced skin today!

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