Counting our blessings …

How has 2022 been for everyone? We hope it’s been a good run for you. 

As 2022 draws to a close, we look back on the things to be thankful for in the past 12 months. We are especially grateful for the relaxation of COVID-19 measures and resumption of mask-off activities, so we can reopen our doors to serve our customers once again.

Not forgetting the many exciting and successful launches that are well received by our community (a big thank you to all of you out there!). Last but not least, the numerous spa and beauty awards we’ve won this year, a testament to our dedication to produce the finest beauty services and skincare products for our customers.

If you haven’t been following us lately, here’s sharing some of the key highlights in 2022.

New Treatment Launches

We’ve successfully launched 3 new facial treatments this year:

Skin Shield Oxygen Facial – A detoxifying treatment to future-proof your skin from various forms of pollution that weaken the skin barrier and accelerate premature ageing. 

Even though it’s a new launch, it has already won the hearts of the judges from both The Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa Awards and Harper’s Bazaar Spa Awards, clinching Best Skin Softening Facial in the category of Best Anti-Acne and Clarifying Facials and Best Anti-Pollution Facial respectively.

Hear what the judges have to say, “The results? You’ll leave the treatment radiating with a youthful glow, with less lines and wrinkles, reduced skin sensitivity and inflammation, along with clean and minimised pores.”


We’ve also introduced 2 new machine therapies, AquaGlow Peel Therapy, a 4-in-1 treatment which cleanses, peels, extracts and infuses vitamins into the skin all at the same time for baby-smooth, glowing skin, as well as Needle-Less Skin Booster Mesotherapy, a K-inspired treatment to inject boosters deep into the dermis layer to hydrate, repair or renew the skin without the use of needles!

Definitely a must-try if bouncy, dewy skin is your ultimate #skingoal! And without revealing too much, both treatments have won the hearts of the reviewers in Her World’s Spa Awards 2023… stay tuned for the deets!


New Product Launches

It’s been an exciting year for ést.lab with a whopping 6 ést.lab product launches! 

Kicking off 2022 would be the ActivCalm Quick Soothing SOS Serum, your sensitive skin saviour that promises to relieve skin inflammation and reduce skin redness in as fast as an hour. And this magical concoction has been awarded Best Soothing Serum in  Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards 2022!

Tapping on the extraordinary regenerative powers of the Alpine Rose stem cell, the age-defying duo of VitaLift A+ Skin Reboot Serum and Cream was born. Designed to reboot fatigued skin, delay all signs of biological ageing and accelerate cellular renewal, get your youthful glow back with this serum + cream combo.

Marching into mid-year with a bang with our biggest #skinnovation to date – the LumiGlow SmartSkin Buddy, an-all-in one supercharged facial device incorporated with 7 proven technologies –  Galvanic Ion Therapy, Thermotherapy, Cryotherapy, Sonic Vibration, LED Red Light Therapy, LED Blue Light Therapy and LED Green Light Therapy.

In just a short span of less than 6 months, this nifty gadget has won 2 beauty awards (and more to come!) – Winner of Best Facial Device (Firming and Lifting) in Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards 2022 and Winner of Most Innovative Tech Gadget in L’Officiel Beauty Awards 2022. 

We are thrilled, honoured and humbled to receive so many positive reviews and media features after launch, which is really a culmination of the constant dialogue and feedback from our community. The facial device that’s truly created from you, for you!


Our LumiWhite Brightening Cream has been out of stock for a while now (so sorry about that!) so when we launched the LumiGlow TXA Brightening Cream, it flew off the shelves.

Clinically proven to reduce the size of pigmentation spots by up to 67.1%, this smart moisturiser is designed to brighten the skin thoroughly to illuminate dull skin, lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation, correct discolouration, and blur out pores, revealing a fresher and more even skin tone. What’s not to love?

Ending the year on a high (and fun!) note, the LumiGlow Enzyme Cleansing Pods was launched just in time for the festive period. A waterless, enzymatic 3-in-1 makeup remover, cleanser and exfoliator in the form of travel-friendly pods that are gentle enough for all skin types.

Powered by four superfruits that are exceptionally rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants – Pineapple Extract, Mango Extract, Georgia Peach Extract, and Lemon Extract, the pods are designed to gently melt away makeup, sunscreen and impurities from the pores without stripping the skin of moisture, ensuring a deep cleanse without uncomfortable tightness. 

Manufactured utilising the freeze-drying technology that removes moisture from the formulation for 100% freshness and efficacy, each pod is ultra-lightweight, reducing its carbon footprint during shipping, a push towards our sustainability efforts.

Media Accolades

On top of the awards mentioned above, we are also heartened to have won awards for signature facials and products that have withstood the test of time!

Our dry skin saviour, the ActivCalm Skin Quenching Serum, won Best Hydrating Serum in Her World Beauty Awards 2022. Better than Hyaluronic Acid in attracting and retaining water in the skin, this electrolyte-filled serum works just like an energy drink booster to quench your skin’s thirst. Infused with amino acids, PCA and saccharides, these are natural moisturisers that will refill your skin’s water bank to the brim.

Our secret weapon to glowing skin, the LumiWhite 10% PHA Resurfacing Glow Serum, won Best Skin Texturising/ Resurfacing Treatment in Daily Vanity Beauty Awards 2022. If you love AquaPeel facials, this is literally an AquaPeel treatment in a bottle. It is formulated with high concentrations of PHA to dramatically smoothen uneven skin texture, improve skin’s clarity, boost radiance, refine pores and minimise breakouts in the most soothing and gentle way so it’s suitable even for people with sensitive skin, as well ladies who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

Our perennial favourite, the VitaLift A+ Intensive Youth Restoring Capsules, won Best Facial Oil Capsule in L’Officiel Beauty Awards 2022. An oil-infused serum that is formulated with antioxidant powerhouse Fullerene, a Nobel Prize-winning ingredient that’s touted to be 250x more potent than Vitamin C, a powerful trio of anti-wrinkle and collagen-boosting peptides, and a unique blend of Squalane and Ceramides to smoothen skin texture, brighten skin tone, correct signs of ageing, reverse sun damage, stimulate collagen production, and build a healthier skin barrier.

Our cult-favourite Meridian Detox Facial has won 4 spa awards since its launch in May 2021, including this year’s Best Skin Lifting Treatment in The Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa Awards 2022 and Best Detox Facial in Her World Spa Awards 2022.

But what made our day (and year!) was when popular beauty YouTuber Tina Yong popped by Estetica to experience our facials with her mum. And boy were we over the moon when she shared her love for our treatments with her fans!

There are so many things to be grateful for as we reflect on the past 12 months but we are especially thankful for our community’s love and support throughout 2022, spurring us to do better each time because we won’t have it any other way. 


Continue to keep your eyes peeled as we bring to you high-tech medi-grade beauty treatments and smarter innovations to amplify (and simplify) your skincare routines in 2023! 


In good hands,