Pore-plexed no more with our 101 guide to tackling pores like a pro

If you reside in a hot and humid locale like Singapore, you’re probably well acquainted with the struggles of dealing with (enlarged) pores. These annoying and unsightly pores, especially in the notorious T-zone area, can be quite the nuisance.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of combating your pesky pore-blems for those who aren’t too keen on sporting the ‘orange peel’ aesthetic! 

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What are these tiny gateways?

Let’s take a closer look at the pore-spective of those tiny openings on the skin’s surface and why they’re so crucial.

Your pores play a vital role in the body’s functions, serving as channels for substances like sweat, oil (sebum), and dead skin cells. They’re also entry points for hair follicles and sweat glands.

In essence, pores are like little organs that contribute to:

1. Regulating body temperature by releasing sweat: This process allows heat to dissipate from the body, and as the sweat evaporates, it helps to cool down body temperature.

2. Moisturising the skin through sebum production: Sebum forms a thin, protective layer that prevents excessive water loss, locks in moisture, and shields the skin from environmental aggressors.

3. Assisting in the elimination of waste products: Pores aid in removing metabolic waste such as urea, ammonia, salts, and other toxins that accumulate in the body.

What causes enlarged pores?

Blame it on the family tree!

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Ever wonder why you and your blood relatives might share the same pore-blems? It turns out, pore size is heavily influenced by genetics. So, if your parents or even distant relatives have larger pores, there’s a good chance you might inherit them too. It’s like a family heirloom, but not quite as glamorous!

Blame it on the passage of time!

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As we age, wrinkles aren’t the only unwanted gift we receive. Collagen degradation and the natural loss of skin elasticity accompany the ageing process, leading to sagging skin and the emergence of larger pores. It’s like a not-so-welcome package deal that comes with the passage of time!

Blame it on oily skin! 

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With nearly a 90% chance of hitting the “orange peel” skin jackpot, it’s almost a universal truth that individuals with oily skin often end up with larger pores. This is because of increased sebum production, which stretches pore openings like a game of skin bingo!

Blame it on your sun-loving quirks!

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Are you a sunshine enthusiast who loves sunbathing? Well, hold your horses before you soak up those rays! Sun exposure can accelerate skin ageing, damage collagen, degrade your elastin fibres, and even contribute to enlarged pores. So, don’t forget to shield up before you head out!

Blame it on bad skincare habits!

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Maintaining proper skin hygiene is crucial for pore health. Neglecting to cleanse your face regularly, infrequent exfoliation, or overusing comedogenic (pore-clogging) products can lead to skin congestion and enlarged pores. So, remember to keep those pores clean and clear!

Blame it on the perils of city life!

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From hazes, fumes, and smog pollution to high humidity levels, various environmental factors can worsen pore congestion and lead to the appearance of enlarged pores.

Can you get rid of pores? 

In the quest for poreless skin, the blunt truth is a resounding no! Your body and skin rely on this vital organ for proper function. Think about it: without pores, you wouldn’t be able to sweat, produce sebum, or eliminate metabolic waste.

While it’s unrealistic to completely eradicate pores—they’re an innate part of the skin’s architecture—we do have tips to tackle and reduce the visibility of enlarged pores.

5 ways to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores

1. Prioritise thorough cleansing

It aids in the removal of dirt and impurities deeply embedded in your pores, which are the primary culprits behind congestion and enlarged pores.

Kickstart your cleansing routine with ést.lab’s LumiGlow Enzyme Cleansing Pods designed to effortlessly dissolve sunscreen, makeup and impurities without clogging your pores.

Follow up with ést.lab’s ActivCalm Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Mousse for your second cleanse. Its ultra-gentle and pH-balancing formula delves deep into your pores with dense micro-bubbles, ensuring thorough cleansing without stripping your skin of its natural moisture.

Together, this dynamic duo ensures your pores are squeaky clean without compromising your skin’s barrier, leaving it soft, calm and hydrated!

2. Exfoliate to remove excessive dead skin cells

To prevent congestion and enlarged pores, accelerating skin renewal through exfoliation is crucial.

Incorporate ést.lab’s LumiWhite Exfoliating Scrub into your routine, featuring 100% biodegradable and naturally derived jojoba beads. This physical exfoliator gently buffs away only the top layer of dead skin cells (stratum corneum), enhancing surface texture and refining pores.

For a milder option, opt for a PHA exfoliator like ést.lab’s LumiWhite 10% PHA Resurfacing Glow Serum which is able to slough off dead skin cells with minimal irritation. PHAs also attract and bind water molecules to the skin, helping to keep it hydrated!

You may alternate between the two products, limiting the LumiWhite Exfoliating Scrub to no more than twice a week. On rest days, apply the LumiWhite 10% PHA Resurfacing Glow Serum for optimal results.

3. Regulate oil production (especially if you’ve oily skin)

Feeling overwhelmed by oily skin? Don’t sweat it! While you can’t swap your skin type like trading cards, you can still outsmart those sneaky oil glands.

Meet ést.lab’s acne-buster: the PurClear Anti-Acne Serum. Packed with time-released Salicylic Acid, it’s your ultimate breakout buddy, working tirelessly to regulate sebum production. Plus, its innovative Water Shuttle Technology ensures your skin stays hydrated for up to 12 hours.

For extra oily skin TLC, turn to ést.lab’s PurClear Multi-Biotic Balancing Cream. With its blend of pre- and postbiotic bioactives, it tackles acne at its root by balancing your skin’s microbiome and soothing troubled areas.

They’re the ultimate crime-fighting duo against oily skin villains, so you can kiss goodbye to oily woes and say hello to smoother, clearer skin!

4. Preserve your skin’s youthful glow

Ageing may be inevitable, but you can still extend the longevity of your skin’s youthfulness with the right interventions. 

Much like vitamins for your body, ést.lab’s VitaLift A+ Intensive Youth Restoring Capsules are antioxidant supplements but for your skin. Featuring Fullerene, a powerhouse antioxidant that’s 250 times more potent than Vitamin C, alongside an amazing trio of anti-wrinkle and collagen-boosting peptides, and a unique blend of Squalane and Ceramides.

Level it up with ést.lab’s VitaLift A+ Skin Reboot Cream, which taps into your skin’s epigenetic makeup and unlocks your skin’s potential to promote collagen synthesis. This revolutionary moisturiser effectively hits pause on skin ageing, restoring your skin to its youthful glory.

Joining forces, they become the ultimate tag team against premature ageing, ready to kick wrinkles to the curb and send sagging skin packing!

5. Facials for the win!

If you find yourself in a constant battle with pesky comedones like whiteheads and blackheads, it’s time to pencil in your monthly facial to keep those congested pores at bay.

Check out Estetica’s AquaGlow Peel Therapy, a superhero treatment that harnesses the power of pressurised oxygen to cleanse, hydro peel to exfoliate, and vacuum suction for painless extractions to bid farewell to those stubborn impurities. This multitasking marvel dives deep into your pores without harming your skin, while simultaneously delivering proprietary super serums to give your skin that extra boost.

And if sagging skin is causing your pores to go into overdrive, it’s time to consider a treatment that targets just that!

Introducing Estetica’s collagen-boosting Ultight Lift & Firm Treatment, the latest non-invasive wonder that offers all the perks of a facelift without the need for surgery. Utilising cutting-edge micro-focused ultrasonic energy, this treatment stimulates collagen production across multiple layers of the skin, delivering immediate and long-lasting skin-tightening effects.

While these steps may appear to be ordinary in your skincare routine, incorporating them consistently can lead to noticeable improvements.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, the journey to poreless skin requires pore-sistence before you can achieve pore-fect results!

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In good hands,