Hijacking workouts…

Is there such a thing as working out without exercising? You might be skeptical and are ready to click away, but THIS is legit. And, we mean it! 

Just bear with us and continue scrolling. By the end of the post, you might even agree that whoever came up with this brilliant idea is a GENIUS. Defo a life-saver for many who lack the hours, energy, capacity, or willpower.

Introducing High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer (HIEMT)

We bet no human can beat the record of 20,000 crunches or squats in 30 minutes, which is exactly what this new technology can do for you. HIEMT utilises electromagnetic energy to induce muscle contractions to tone and strengthen muscles as if you had a hardcore workout. 

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It operates by sending out electromagnetic waves to target the muscles beneath the stubborn fats, smartly activating 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions to hyperstress the targeted treatment area. These enforced contractions are more intense and rapid, activating 100% of your muscles, in contrast to 50% activation achieved through voluntary exercise.

So, if you have been lackadaisical in your workout routine, you can still keep yourself in shape with this innovative technology. 

These are the benefits you can reap through HIEMT:

Muscle building

Achieves deep remodeling of muscle tissue by stimulating muscle growth and production of new protein chains, which helps to increase muscle density and volume.

Body sculpting

Intense muscle contractions can stimulate the breakdown of fatty acids, leading to fat burning and body transformation.

Core strengthening

HIEMT applied to the abdominal area can contribute to core strengthening, potentially helping to sculpt the coveted six-pack abs. Additionally, it may aid in improving posture, balance, form, and overall stability.

Postpartum recovery

It corrects and improves Diastasis Recti/ “mummy pooch” which is a partial or complete separation of the rectus abdominis caused by childbirth. 

The good ol’ Radio Frequency (RF)

You might be familiar with RF, which is used commonly to firm and tighten sagging facial contours and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to combat signs of ageing. Do you know it’s also used for body slimming and toning treatments?

RF makes use of oscillating electromagnetic radio waves and emits thermal heat deep into the skin’s tissues, safely destroying fat cells while promoting collagen production.

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The scientific principle behind this process involves the controlled use of RF energy to produce heat that penetrates deep into the layers of skin tissue. This targeted heat focuses on unwanted fat cells without causing damage to the superficial skin layer. As a result, this method triggers a process known as lipolysis, where fat cells are broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol. These byproducts are subsequently eliminated by the body naturally and permanently.

Simultaneously, the RF treatment heats the deeper collagen tissue to a temperature range of 45-60°C, effectively stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. This process leads to a smoother, firmer and more lifted appearance in the treated area.

These are the benefits you can reap through RF:

Eliminates fat cells

Applies controlled heat on your fat cells, leading to apoptosis (cell death) without affecting the surrounding muscle or skin.

Stimulates collagen production

It prompts a micro-inflammatory response that promotes the growth of new collagen which is a protein that keeps the skin smoother, firmer, more youthful with fewer lines.

Improves skin laxity

As collagen level improves, it helps to increase the volume and elasticity of the skin and hence lift, tone, tighten and improve sagging skin.

Boosts lymphatic drainage

It increases blood circulation, gets rid of water retention, improves metabolism, and expels waste and toxins accumulated in the body.

The Power of 2: EstSlim Body Sculpting Therapy

Let’s skip to the good part. 

Get rid of stubborn fats and achieve muscle definition with Estetica’s EstSlim Body Sculpting Therapy – a no-sweat 30-minute core workout that combines the benefits of HIEMT and RF to do the heavy lifting for you.

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This ultimate combo works synchronously to eliminate stubborn fats, improve muscle definition, and tighten loose skin.

Unlike traditional body slimming treatments, it targets both the muscles and fat layers. It not only helps create a slender figure, but also increases muscle mass and strength, creating a well-defined, toned, and sculpted body, akin to one who exercises regularly.

This treatment is also highly personalised as you can select the areas you want to focus on:

Best part? It does not rely on diet or exercise to be effective. However, you should ensure that your body weight is maintained for long lasting results. 

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Generally, this treatment is suitable for any individuals who want to reduce fat and achieve better muscle tone and definition. It is especially ideal for new mums who are time-stretched, energy deficient, and sleep deprived.

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So what’s the catch? 

Just like all exercises, it’s not possible to yield results right away…

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On average, a minimum of 4 treatments are needed to reap the benefits. It is highly recommended to undergo the treatments twice a week for the first two weeks, followed by weekly treatments for sustained results. 

While the treatment is non-invasive and pain-free, you may experience potential muscle soreness after the treatment, similar to what you might feel after a strenuous workout (without the workout of course!).

No time for gym? No problem! 

Sign up for our new kind of “gym” with a special promo at $98* (U.P. $560) for 2 sessions and enjoy an additional 10% discount when you pre-purchase our voucher online. 

*For first-time female customers of Estetica, ages 21 and above, valid till 31 Oct 2023

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This is literally the cheat code to overcome workout plateau and fake regular exercises while you achieve a svelte figure. 

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If the above depicts your current state of mind (and body), get your act together and book your appointment now so you can cut corners for your laps, reps and sets, but still get pumped while you rest! 

In good hands,