How to survive the mayhem and score the best buys?

In Singapore, there’s no better time to shop than during the Great Singapore Sale (GSS)! Ever since 1994, this annual extravaganza has single-handedly pulled constipated shoppers from all over the world to the tiny island of Singapore for a month of unrestrained shopping! Do you know that in 2015, over US$2.1 billion was spent by Mastercard holders during GSS?!

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This year, the GSS starts from 9th June all the way until 13th August! Whether you are hitting the retail stores or filling up your shopping carts online, it is time to gear up for Singapore’s national pastime, and we’re here to share some nifty tips to get the most out of your money, walk away with great buys and avoid any cognitive dissonance (read: post-purchase feelings of regret…).

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1. Do up a shopping ‘wish’ list:

We all get carried away during the GSS with amazing price reductions and tempting fire-sale deals. Creating a shopping list before you hit the stores will help keep you focused on the task at hand. Having specific items to shop for, allows you to zoom in on the things you need rather than having to browse through millions of items and ending up with a dozen purchases you thought you needed.

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2. Research, research, research:

Squeeze through throngs of shop-deprived, ultra motivated “hawks” swooping in for the best deals or go online, do some research and and swoop in on your own? ’Nuff said.

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3. Eat before you shop:

Alison Jing Xu, assistant professor of marketing at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, led a study in 2015 that found that people “may spend more money online or in a store if they’re hungry while they shop.” and theorizes that hunger may “spill over and put consumers into the mode of wanting more stuff in general.” Be warned: NEVER shop with an empty stomach!

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4. Dress in comfort:

While it really doesn’t matter how you dressed in the comfort of your home doing online shopping, it is imperative to dress comfortably while navigating through the malls sussing out the best bargains. Wear flats instead of heels so you don’t end up with callouses, blisters and sore feet. Also, if you feel like killing some birds whenever you’re stuck in long queues for fitting rooms, perhaps you can wear fitting clothes so that you can just try on the clothes on the spot.

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5. Think twice (& maybe thrice!):

Stick to your game plan: never buy on a whim or on impulse- those clothes tends to sit in your wardrobe unworn. There’s a reason why you might see retailers with a 80 per cent discount: it means that they didn’t sell well or might have an unflattering fit or even use unsuitable fabric (for the local climate). The best strategy is to think about the timeless investment pieces that you can wear in a lot of different ways.

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Happy Shopping!

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