ést-tablishing a greener future

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a significant positive shift in the beauty industry. It’s not just about looking fabulous anymore; we’re now all about saving the planet while we’re at it!

This marks a pivotal moment in our quest for a more eco-conscious future, where we’re offering our beloved Earth a much-needed break through innovative packaging and zero waste skincare practices. Because who says you can’t save the world and have flawless skin at the same time?

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To celebrate Earth Day this month, join us as we spill the beans on how the ést.lab team is charging forward toward a sustainable future without sacrificing packaging pizzazz or product prowess. Get ready for some serious eco-inspiration as we unveil the tricks up our sleeves to ensure that beauty and sustainability continue to strut hand in hand, not just in 2024, but for many years to come! 

First things first…

Did you know ést.lab is committed to using sustainably sourced ingredients in our skincare formulations? This means we prioritise sourcing practices that minimise negative environmental impact and promote social responsibility. By using sustainably sourced ingredients, we align with our principles of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical business practices. 

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We’ve also extended this commitment to our packaging, using paper from sustainable forests. Plus, you can dial down the packaging extravagance when you shop on www.estlab.shop! Just opt for limited packaging (i.e. no welcome card, no partner vouchers etc.) at checkout. This helps minimise wastage and carbon footprint in small but meaningful ways.

Meet our new eco-warrior!

If you haven’t already met our newest member, the do-it-all OptimaLift A+ Firming Eye Cream, it’s time to give her a warm welcome! 

Not only does she rock a fresh look with a sleek bottle and some seriously classy font, but she’s also proudly sporting our latest skincare packaging made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. 

On top of that, she comes with an airless pump refillable option that allows our customers to actively participate in the reduction of single-use plastic and contribute to the larger conversation surrounding responsible consumption and waste reduction within the beauty industry.

But here’s the kicker: she’s just the start of our eco-adventure! Yes, this daring diva is leading the charge as our very first product to get the green treatment. And guess what? She’s not stopping there! Soon, ALL of ést.lab’s bottle packaging will be getting a sustainable makeover with PCR materials and refillable options. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on our wild journey toward eco-fabulousness!

Why PCR?

Did you know that every year, we churn out a staggering 300 million tons of plastic? And guess what? Less than 10% of that gets recycled! 

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But fear not, because here comes PCR to save the day! PCR, or post-consumer recycled materials, takes old consumer waste and gives it a fresh new purpose in life – like a makeover for your packaging. Not only does it keep stuff out of landfills, but it also puts a dent in the demand for new materials, making Mother Nature do a happy dance.

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And the perks don’t stop there – opting for PCR also gives our planet a breather by cutting energy consumption by a whopping 79% and slashing greenhouse gas emissions by a cool 67%. So, next time you’re reaching for that PCR-packed product, give yourself a pat on the back! 

Can PCR be recycled?

Absolutely, PCR packaging is indeed recyclable! The whole concept behind PCR is to create a closed loop where materials are consistently reused and recycled, rather than being tossed out after just one use.

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When PCR packaging hits the recycling plant, it’s treated to a spa day of sorts—broken down, scrubbed clean, and then transformed into fresh PCR materials. This recycling process is crucial because it’s what allows these PCR materials to be collected and made in the first place. It’s a beautiful cycle of sustainability in action!

How to recycle PCR packaging

Consumers typically recycle PCR packaging through local recycling programs. But guess what? Starting this month end, we’re making it even easier for you to recycle your ést.lab empties!

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In celebration of Earth Day and to further our commitment to sustainability, ést.lab will be launching our new Recycling Program at Boutique Fairs from 26 to 28 April 2024. After an exhaustive hunt, we’ve finally landed ourselves a trusted recycling partner to ensure a seamless recycling process and give our amazing customers a hassle-free experience. 

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Just swing by our pop-up, drop off your ést.lab empties, and score credits for your next purchase. So mark your calendars and join us in closing the loop on recycling!

In good hands,