Have you ever looked at your mother and wondered what you’d look like at their age? When actress Kate Hudson was 30 years old, she said of mom Goldie Hawn, then 63, “If I look anything like she does when I’m 60, I’m going to be a very happy, happy lady.” Here’s a peek at some of the world’s most famous women over 40 years old pictured next to their mothers photographed at the same age:

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So, what factors determine how we age and how can we control them?


Although genetics play a huge role on how you will look as you get older, your daily habits are equally likely to have a significant impact on your skin ageing process. A study completed in 2008 by Procter & Gamble Beauty, showed that while genetics play a role in what kind of spots or wrinkles will appear as you age, how many of it you will have is greatly influenced by external factors. So, while observing your parents may indicate some of the ageing issues you are likely to have, taking precautionary steps to combat the skin ageing process is similarly crucial. Here are four tips to help you sustain that fountain of youthful skin:

Wear sunscreen

You already know this, but let Jennifer Aniston tell you this again: Protect. Your. Skin. As she told Glamour UK in a recent interview: “I always think, ‘Why didn’t someone make me wear sunscreen?’ Again, it comes back to being young and thinking I was invincible. I thought that dewy, tanned skin would just stay beautiful, but you have to protect it.” YES, UV rays produce free radicals that cause great damage to collagen and result in dry, wrinkly skin so use an SPF of at least 15 every single day.

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Don’t smoke

A study published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery analyzed identical twins and found that environmental factors (smoking, sun exposure, stress) can play a more dominant role in ageing than genetics. The twin who smokes showed more premature facial ageing, compared to their non-smoking identical twin. The study also found significant differences in facial ageing between twins with as little as five years’ difference in smoking history. Remember: by depleting your system of oxygen and nutrients, smoking can result in collagen and elastin degradation. Also, the facial expressions you make while smoking can deepen expression lines.\

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Load up your greens

Gorgeous skin begins with your diet and in order to have clear, healthy, glowing skin you need to make sure your body is relatively free of toxins. Avocado supplies the skin with healthy fats and phytonutrients while tomatoes are good for helping reduce sun damage. If you’re picking greens for a salad, choose darker greens like kale or spinach. Better yet, choose arugula or dandelion greens. These vegetables fight the free radicals that break down collagen over time, so they can help support the delicate, thin skin around your eyes.

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Follow a proper skin-care regimen

It is never too early to start on anti-ageing treatments even if you are in your 20s. Just take it from young celebs like Harry Styles and Cara Delevigne.

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How does it work?


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