Ever seen a beauty ad and gone “Whaaaaaaaat…?” As the newly minted editor of this Beauty Times, just flipping through the lifestyle mags for inspiration have elicited cries of “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” to “ARE YOU SERIOUS???” to other unprintable variants. So for our virgin voyage into all things beautiful, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to exploring the evolving doors of WTF moments in the history of the Beauty industry. Be warn, it’s not gonna be pretty…

Love of Beauty is TASTE… the Creation of Beauty is ART
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


During the Elizabethan era in Europe, beauty was defined by pale, fair skin. And with little science behind early skin care, Queen Elizabeth and other members of the upper class used a poisonous mixture of white lead and vinegar, and some even draw their own blood to achieve that faint colour!


During the Victorian era, women were more focused than ever on youthful skin and various new products like Madame Rowley’s toilet mask made out of rubber hit the market, which was recommended for Beautifying, Bleaching and Preserving the Complexion!


The introduction of raw meat facials and RADIUM-infused masks that were radioactive (gasps!) promised users healthy, glowing skin.


‘Anti-freckle’ was the buzzword and to tackle pigmented spots, Italian physician Dr M. Matarassoa invented a procedure that used carbon monoxide to freeze off freckles with a sharp needle!


Beauty salons flourished during this period with a focus on anti-ageing treatments through the use of the glamour bonnet and other helmet-like structures.


Pampering treatments like seaweed baths and paraffin treatments were in vogue. Steam facials were the popular pick for achieving rosy, radiant complexion.


Diamond microdermabrasion were the go-to treatments to achieve soft, dewy skin. Oxygen facials were the rage with Madonna swearing by these oxygen infusion treatments to improve circulation and anti-oxidative power.


We’re no less weird than a century before with Kim Kardashian popularising the vampire facial, which promises younger, firmer skin by using your own blood (!!!) combined with Restylane or Juvederm and Victoria Beckham favouring bird poop facial.
Present day
Fortunately for us, with the advent of Science, we no longer have to rely on traditional methods to achieve flawless skin. At Estetica, the foundation of our product strategy is measured in Science: how we can achieve higher levels of safety and efficacy through innovation and technology. And because we use quantifiable data and measures, we are constantly monitoring and improving our product formulations. And when this engineering process is applied to perfection, it becomes almost… Art


Unveiling: Estetica’s “Art of Beauty” campaign!

Where our passion for beauty underlies all that we do: this is our craft; our Art. And just as the artist finds beauty within the clay, let Estetica find the beauty in you. Come join us to discover the Art of true beauty.

In Good Hands,

Source: History of Facial / Evolution of Facial