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How to regain your sanity (and skin) Congratulations on your new born (s)! While you smile and gaze lovingly at the baby in your arms, and think that the nightmares of battling morning sickness, backache, fatigue, diet control, water retention, hair loss and dry/itchy/oily/sensitive skin issues are a thing of the past now, is it really though?

Bye bye chubby cheeks

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4 simple exercises for a V-shaped face Attaining a slimmer and sharper jawline is perpetually on our minds, but surgery and other invasive methods comes at a jaw-dropping price! Do you know that a V-shaped face is actually not that hard to achieve? To get rid of those chipmunk cheeks and sagging pockets, here are some facial exercises you can do for a more sculpted facial contour - even from the comfort of your bed.

Time to break the rules

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5 skincare rules you should break Growing up, you’ve probably received countless of (unsolicited) beauty tips and advice from your mother/sister/BFF. And now, with the advent of the Internet, you can scour pages of beauty remedies on Google and watch a constant stream of skincare routines on YouTube, so much so you can self-proclaim to be a beauty expert.


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5 tips when trying out new products Do you feel that your skincare products no longer work their magic lately? That ‘secret’ cream you swore made your enlarged pores disappear does not seem to work so well anymore? Do you know that as we age, our skin changes and a new skincare regime is needed to meet its evolving needs? But take caution! Introducing something new could potentially cause a lot of problems to your skin - irritation, redness and even breakouts! Here are 5 tips when trying out new products:


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5 ways to overcome self-doubt If you often feel sceptical about yourself and think that you are less important or worthy than others around you are, it’s time to pull yourself out of that rabbit hole, and start to see yourself in a more positive light. No one should ever feel like they are worth less, and below are some tips on baby steps you can take to feeling better about yourself!

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