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I've been using ést.lab for a few months now, I was first introduced to this brand when I got invited to Thailand for the ASNTM6 event and that was when I met the director, Han, himself and got to hear so much about the reasons why he created the skincare line and the work and research that has gone into it.

Interview: ASNTM’s Dana Slosar, Winner of ést.lab Challenge

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Dana Slosar (24), a Thai/American girl with sultry eyes and a face to remember caught my attention and grabbed my love during the opening preview. So I was very excited to find out she is now also an ést.lab brand ambassador! Let’s find out what’s her beauty secret and see what it takes to be a brand ambassador of ést.lab.

XOXO, Jeneen – New Additions to her Skincare Routine

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Here are two things that I really like about the ést.lab brand: 1) They’re homegrown (support local!) 2) Extensive research and development (they have an ongoing collaboration with Singapore’s premier research agency A*STAR) is put into the development of each and every product to formulate the most effective products in beauty cosmetics. When it comes to skincare, I’m all about the ingredients, ingredients, ingredients. And ést.lab has got this part down to a tee.


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Estetica Skinjexion Facial In this entry, I will share with you a new facial treatment I got to try out a few weeks ago at Estetica. I tried their new Skinjexion Facial – a multi-step facial treatment targeting lines and signs of aging. The treatment is a high performance line reducer which is safe and yet affordable as compared to other more invasion methods.


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Just a few weeks ago, I posted about the customized facialtreatment at Estetica Beauty and now it’s time to review some of the products that I have tried from their in-house skincare brand, ést.lab. They are the facial scrub (LumiWhite Brightening Scrub), moisturizer (PurClear Normalizing Cream) and sunscreen (SunShield SPF50).


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Estetica Beauty’s ést.lab Skincare Products As mentioned in my earlier advertorial with Estetica Beauty on their GeneO+ Super Facial (click HERE to read review), I was gifted with a set of ést.lab skincare products to try at home afterwards. The products were specially selected to suit my current skin condition and concerns.

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