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We all know that certain someone whose skin exudes flawless radiance we could only admire and envy from afar. Truth be told, we all have that glow potential—we just don’t necessarily know how to give our skin the best care it needs. While genetic factors may mean that our skin is predisposed to certain conditions like acne, pigmentation etc., we can still achieve healthy, glowing complexion when armed with the basic knowledge of making the right choices for our skin.

Decoded: The Truth Behind Your Acne Breakout

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Face mapping, also known as face reading, is an ancient medical practice that stems from traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda teaching. Essentially, your face is seen as a map that can help you identify issues that your body may be having. This is done by associating parts of your face to specific organs or body parts.

The Pregnancy Skincare Edit – the Dos and Don’ts

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Pregnancy is definitely something to be joyous about, but not many women understand how to handle your skin whilst carrying your baby to term. As your skin faces hormonal changes, you may be more than a little confused. You find yourself with different skincare concerns you’ve never faced before, and your holy grail products are no longer working its magic. While it may be true that you would have a glow like never before when you’re pregnant, there are many things you should take note of to keep that glow and accentuate it further!

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