A.M. vs. P.M. Skincare Regime: What’s The Difference?

2021-10-08T17:15:43+08:004 October 2019|Beauty, Lifestyle|

It’s common knowledge that there are steps to be followed when applying skincare products on your skin. For example, you should always cleanse your face before applying your moisturiser for better absorption. What’s the point of buying an expensive cream if your skin is not going to absorb any of the goodness?

Say buh-bye to tired eyes

2021-10-08T17:15:44+08:0029 March 2019|Beauty|

A poll from New Beauty asked readers, “On which area of your face did you first notice signs of aging?” and 58% of the respondents said they noticed first signs of ageing around the eyes. As we age, our skin loses its ability to regenerate and bounce back. This results in dark circles, eye bags and fine lines that become more prominent regardless of how much beauty sleep you’ve had.


2021-10-08T17:15:46+08:0025 October 2017|Beauty|

5 time-saving tips for #ladybosses Ladybosses don’t have no time for complicated beauty routines. Their daily schedules are packed to the brim, they are multi-tasking all the time... yet they still look fantastic 24/7. So whether you are dominating the workplace like a.k.a Sheryl Sandberg or trying to save the world like Gal Gadot, these 5 simple tips will make your beauty regime work for you.

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