The Singapore Women’s Weekly – Best Beauty Buys 2018

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BEST BEAUTY BUYS 2018: BEST NIGHT CREAM – DRY SKIN ést.lab VITALIFT A+ Cellular Ultra-Repair Cream Our humid weather coupled with the daily rigours of life can accelerate skin ageing even more rapidly. And if you have no time for complex skincare regimes, this multitasking cream designed to improve skin condition on many levels is your skin saviour. It helps to repair, renew, smoothen, nourish and brighten skin by targeting dryness, strengthening its immunity and protecting it against environmental aggressors – all at the same time.


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5 benefits of facial sheet masks We all should wear masks. No, we are not talking about putting on that mask to please and impress others. Nor the 50 shades darker kind… unless you’re of that persuasion *ahem*blush* We are talking about facial sheet masks which are chock-full of essences and serums that give your skin a huge dose of nutrients and moisture! With such a wide array of affordable sheet masks available in the market, should you pay a little more for a better quality mask? Yes, and with good reason. Some cheaper masks made with materials such as paper and cotton lack the ability to hold moisture hence precious essence will evaporate from the mask quickly. Sheet masks made from biocellulose fabric perform better than other sheet masks as they adhere snugly to your skin contour ensuring 100% ingredient penetration.

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