A.M. vs. P.M. Skincare Regime: What’s The Difference?

2021-10-08T17:15:43+08:004 October 2019|Beauty, Lifestyle|

It’s common knowledge that there are steps to be followed when applying skincare products on your skin. For example, you should always cleanse your face before applying your moisturiser for better absorption. What’s the point of buying an expensive cream if your skin is not going to absorb any of the goodness?

Dealing with Your Post-Holiday Sunburn

2021-10-08T17:15:43+08:004 July 2019|Beauty, Lifestyle|

It’s summertime and that means lots of outdoor activities ?- from nature walks to picnics to chilling at the beach. We all want that post-holiday tanned skin to show off in front of everyone. But disaster strikes when you realise that your skin feels a little bit too tight and it resembles the colour of a tomato more than the gorgeous shade of tan you were aiming for.

What is #BeautyInYourEyes?

2021-10-08T17:15:43+08:006 June 2019|Beauty, Lifestyle|

As a society, we have always been obsessed with the idea of the ideal beauty. From Cleopatra’s fame as a femme fatale with indisputable beauty, to the iconic 1950s star Marilyn Monroe, and even now with stunning celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Lupita Nyong’o, we are constantly trying to keep up with the ever-changing beauty standards. But beauty itself is an unpredictable quality that fluctuates, depending on whose view we’re looking from.

Say buh-bye to tired eyes

2021-10-08T17:15:44+08:0029 March 2019|Beauty|

A poll from New Beauty asked readers, “On which area of your face did you first notice signs of aging?” and 58% of the respondents said they noticed first signs of ageing around the eyes. As we age, our skin loses its ability to regenerate and bounce back. This results in dark circles, eye bags and fine lines that become more prominent regardless of how much beauty sleep you’ve had.

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