5 time-saving tips for #ladybosses


Ladyboss [ley-dee-bos] noun

  1. Women who are in control, run the show, are cool and collected, confident, competent, passionate and get the job done i.e. women circa 2017 and beyond.

And ladybosses don’t have no time for complicated beauty routines. Their daily schedules are packed to the brim, they are multi-tasking all the time… yet they still look fantastic 24/7. So whether you are dominating the workplace like a.k.a Sheryl Sandberg or trying to save the world like Gal Gadot, these 5 simple tips will make your beauty regime work for you.

giphy_womanImage source1. Shape your eyebrows: Like hairstyles, eyebrow shapes are not one-size-fits-all. Go to a professional who will recommend an eyebrow shape that works for your specific face shape. This doesn’t take much time at all and just a regular trimming every month will make you look well-groomed — even with little or no makeup. Estetica’s eyebrow shaping service starts from S$12 and your brows will be transformed in less than 15 minutes. Or try Estetica’s eyebrow embriodery service for maximum convenience.


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2. Choose a fuss-free hair style: A fuss-free hair style, or the lazy chic hairstyle, is low-maintenance and can be easily worked to suit your lifestyle. Having said that, while there is no one hairstyle that would be appropriate for everyone (you need to embrace your hair’s natural texture – straight, curly or wavy), and example of a quick “go-to” is the topknot- an easily achieved hairstyle that should be every woman’s easy fix because it requires no tools and is highly versatile. You can wear it really high on the top of your head or in a low twist on one side!

4-Le-Fashion-Blog-19-Ways-To-Wear-A-Half-Up-Top-Knot-Bun-Long-Hair-Burgundy-Lipstick-Via-LF-StoresImage source 

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3.Use a tinted moisturiser: Tinted moisturisers are a good alternative to liquid foundations for busy women. In addition to acting as a make-up base, tinted moisturisers also contain a plethora of skincare goodness to hydrate and nourish your skin at the same time. Choose one with UV protection and you can basically skip your moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation in the morning!

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For a healthy, no-makeup look with a natural dewy finish, try the multi award-winning ést.lab SUNSHIELD SPF 50 ***, a broad spectrum sunscreen with colour changing technology to complement your skin tone. Containing Vitamins C and E for skin brightening and anti-ageing benefits, this lightweight multi-tasker also doubles up as a tinted make-up base to conceal blemishes and provide sheer coverage. Click here to shop now!

4. Trim your night time skincare routine: No matter how busy you are, skin care should still be a priority. But instead of a 30-step skincare routine, you can trim it down to a simple 5-steps:

  1. Cleanse: Avoid sleeping with your makeup on — no matter how tired you feel. Try ést.lab ACTIVCALM Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Mousse made up of tiny bubbles that can deeply penetrate your pores to remove your day’s makeup and grime, leaving your skin soothed and purified.
  2. Tone: Use a toner to help tighten the pores that might have opened up during cleansing. The ést.lab VITALIFT A+ Skin Revive Lotion Essence is an anti-oxidant skin booster that brightens dull complexion and revives skin’s healthy texture while refreshing your fatigued skin.
  3. Eye cream: Since the eye area has the most fragile skin, it is most vulnerable to showing signs of damage. ést.lab’s OPTIMALIFT A+ Multi-Repair Eye Essence de-puffs, smoothens and firms delicate contour areas to restore youthful appearance back to your eyes.
  4. Serum: One of the best things you can do for your skin is to give it a well-deserved boost with a magic potion that delivers powerful ingredients deep into your skin. Estetica’s signature ést.lab VITALIFT A+ Miracle Lift Serum instantly smoothes wrinkles and expression lines, restores skin’s youthful radiance and improves skin’s elasticity to restore bounciness.
  5. Night cream: Nourish your skin with a powerhouse moisturiser to look fresh and rested in the morning after pulling an all-nighter! Try the ést.lab VITALIFT A+ Multi-Recharge Lifting Cream that promotes cellular vitality and combats signs of ageing for a healthy, natural glow. It also defends the skin against photo-ageing and locks moisture deep into the skin for more supple, hydrated skin.


5. Use multi-functional skincare products: Skincare products that have multi-functional purposes have excellent time-saving and cost-saving benefits. The ést.lab VITALIFT A+ Cellular Ultra-Repair Cream is perfect for busy women as it is a multi-tasking moisturiser that delivers multiple benefits: repair, renew, smoothen, nourish, and brighten. It repairs and reinvigorates dry, wrinkled skin and boosts skin immunity for a healthy, radiant complexion. In addition, its excellent exfoliating properties make it a must-have for dull, lack-lustre skin as it rids epidermal dead skin cells to unveil a smoother and more even-toned complexion.


Yes! Busy girls can still look fabulous out-bossing your beauty regime! One last tip: try to position all your beauty products in the order you use them so as to save time. And remember, no matter how busy you are, taking a little me-time to take good care of your skin, even if it’s just for a few moments, will reap long-term benefits. Taking charge of your night time routine can actually help you feel less stressed about your skin and well… your life.

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And no matter when, what and how, you can be sure that Estetica’s got your back… or rather, skin! Now that you are all well taken care of, it’s time to go and take on the world! #watchoutworld

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