Just a few weeks ago, I posted about the customized facialtreatment at Estetica Beauty and now it’s time to review some of the products that I have tried from their in-house skincare brand, ést.lab. They are the facial scrub (LumiWhite Brightening Scrub), moisturizer (PurClear Normalizing Cream) and sunscreen (SunShield SPF50).

The Basic Skin Care Regime

A good skin care regime involves washing your face daily and moisturizing. Even if you have oily skin, applying an appropriate moisturizer could help to balance out the oil secretion from the skin. However, these are just the basics. Using a facial scrub once in a while will really take your skin to the next level. It will help the skin to look and feel healthy by getting rid of dirt and giving a much brighter and radiant complexion. Finally, applying a sunscreen before going under the sun, especially in sunny Singapore, is important for all skin types, even if you don’t get sunburn easily. This is because overexposure to the sun not only causes sunburn, but also premature aging of the skin, wrinkling, and skin cancer, including melanoma.

1. Scrub off impurities

Here’s one facial scrub, the Lumiwhite Brightening Scrub, that helps to exfoliate dull surface cells and accumulated impurities to reveal a visibly brighter and smoother complexion.

I usually apply this twice a week after cleansing my face. After applying, there will be those white bits of stuff formed which are the dead skin cells. Once washed off, the dead skin cells reveal new and bright skin under. One down side though, was that the scrub left a film on the face, so it doesn’t have the squeaky-clean feel after. Perhaps because the scrub doesn’t take off the natural oils from the face, which is a good thing! Overall, the scrub feels rather gentle on the skin and makes my skin feel smoother after!

2. Moisturize the skin

As I have combination to oily skin type, this PurClear Normalizing Cream works pretty well on me. It is described as “an oil-control moisturizer containing an active sebum-regulating complex to help control oil production and minimize open pores producing a matte finish with blemish free glow”. Indeed, it feels very lightweight, and does not make my skin feel too oily. It helps to keep my skin matte half the day. Also, I love how the airless pump jar packaging makes it simple to use, hygienic and mess-free.

3. Shield from the sun

My first impression of this Sunshield SPF50++ was that it has got a very sleek packaging that comes in a pump tube, keeping it hygienic. When squeezed out, it is white in color, which left me doubtful as to whether it could really conceal anything. However, it changes the skin tone after application, just like a tinted moisturizer! That being said, I would advise others not to throw their concealers or tinted moisturizers in favor of this as it just provides sheer coverage to give you a more even-looking complexion.

I also like its versatility as it just can be used alone with a loose powder for casual days out or beneath my regular liquid foundation on nights out. In sum, it has a light consistency, easy to blend and gives a dewy look.

In short, the scrub is effective in removing impurities, the moisturizing cream feels smooth and lightweight on the skin and the sunscreen is non-greasy.



Source: Novita – Review on ést.lab Products