Hi hi!! Today I am sharing with you a sunscreen which I have been really enjoying lately – I have gotten this sometime ago, and I never start to use it until about a month ago. It is available for sale at the Estetica beauty salons – and I got mine when I had the chance to try out one of their amazing facials (which I blogged about here) back in December! And I am glad that I finally got to try this out – it is really unique as far as a sunscreen go, and yet reminds me of one of my old-time fave makeup bases… I shall go into the details in a bit.

I don’t really have much production information available on this sunscreen but it does provide serious protection – UVA and UVB protection with SPF50+++. This is the standard amount of sun protection I wear on a daily basis. And the product comes in a tube with a pump dispenser – another plus point. I usually use two pumps for my whole face.

It is quite hard to review a sunscreen – but this is different because while it doesn’t look like a bb cream, neither does it look like a typical white liquidy sunscreen – it is a creamy texture that somehow contains some coverage. I can use it on its own and set my face with some powder and I am done for the day. That is, if you don’t need much coverage… this alone can even out your skintone even if it doesn’t lookl like anything much during the application. I will quickly demonstrate in the following pictures.

swatches – not sure if you can see the cream itself contains beigy beads?

and when you spread it out on your skin, the more you work it into your skin – the more it blends into your skintone. There is no white cast, and overall the skintone is even out. I really love this feature of the sunscreen. And I can even skip my foundation or bb cream after this. On days when I wear this out for my morning jog, and when I towel off the sweat off my face, I can see that it is actually tinted (the towel is slightly stained like how foundations do).

This skintone tinted bit reminds me of the Shu Uemura instant glow skin perfecting cream which I have reviewed before here – but the Shu base doesn’t contain any SPF.. while this functions primarily as a sun protection product.

here’s a close up application – you can’t really see it and even though it looks a tad shiny, but it sets into a very natural skinlike finish on my skin.

A before and after – the differences are subtle I would admit, but the redness in my skin is definitely reduced.

And I set with powder, and add some bronzer, we are done. This is a combo that I can count on for a easy day… and at the same time, provides good sun protection.

Overall, I highly recommend this great sunscreen, and if you do happen to check it out (I guess the availabilty at a beauty salon might be a little out of the way for some people) but I think many of you would like this too.

Actually, I am not sure if this product is still available (should be, I hope! – my review is only up now 6 months after I got this!) but I really just want to share with you a product that I truly have been using and ended up really loving.

I hope that this review has been helpful, and thank you for reading!

Credited to: Makeup Blogette – Review: Estetica’s SunShield is Really Quite Awesome