5 common skincare mistakes to avoid

We all want flawless glowing skin; but sometimes, it is not what you lack, but what you are over-doing to your skin that is preventing you from getting there. Truth be told, we may be committing skincare harakiri on a daily basis without even realising it!

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Read on to see if you are making these 5 common skincare mistakes and follow our tips on how to avoid them:

  1. Over-exfoliate:

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    Exfoliating your skin properly can combat ageing, remove pore-clogging oil and dirt, and revitalise tired dull skin. However, one common mistake people often commit (usually over-enthusiastic pubescent boys) is over-exfoliating. Over-exfoliating not only damages your natural skin barrier, it can also cause redness, irritation, tightness, excessive dryness/dry patches, flaking skin, persistent stinging and burning sensations. A damaged skin barrier takes a long time to restore so try and keep exfoliating to 1-2 times per week, with an exfoliant that is suited for your skin (particularly if you have sensitive skin).
  2. Over-react to a breakout:

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    WE KNOW THAT POPPING BUBBLE WRAP IS PHYSIOLOGICALLY ADDICTIVE AND UNDENIABLY SATISFYING but… pimples are not bubble wrap. Statistically, it takes males an average of 18 years to understand this. We also know how it may seem like squeezing a pimple is the fastest/ only way of getting rid of it, but relentlessly squeezing them with your fingers or piling on layers of acne cream WILL NOT make them disappear miraculously! Most times, you might even be causing your skin more damage by doing so. Get in the habit of doing regular facials as they help to prevent breakouts, minimise pores and clear up blemishes effectively.
  3. Only using sunscreen outdoors:
    Do you know that harmful UV rays can reach you even when you’re indoors? A common misconception many often have is that they don’t need sunscreen indoors. However, windows can let through UV rays and fluorescent bulbs can emit them, leading to skin damage, and potentially even skin melanoma in the long run.There are two kinds of UV rays that are damaging to your skin, UVB and UVA rays, Pic Cr

    • UVB: Skin redness and burning
    • UVA: Lowers skin immunity, increasing cancer risk, penetrates through to the dermis, contributes to ageing via increased skin thickness and increased skin inflammation, tanning of the skin

    So keep those nasty UV rays at bay with a full UV spectrum coverage sunscreen that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays!

  4. Over-moisturise:
    Yup… you may not need as much moisturiser as you think… In hot and humid countries like Singapore where the air particles are charged with moisture (humidity levels range between 64% and 96%… yes! It’s almost as if we’re living underwater above ground!), your skin tends to produce more sebum. Drowning your skin in multiple layers of skin care would therefore lead to clogged pores, blackheads, bumpy skin and excess oil. All of which would lead to an apocalyptic BREAKOUT… *cue dramatic music*

    However, that does not mean you don’t moisturise! Find a lightweight non-comedogenic moisturiser and you are all set!
  5. Over-complicate your skincare routine:

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    Sometimes, less is more. Even if you have time for the 10-; 12-; or even 14- step Korean skincare routine, more is not always good. You need to understand your skin type and know what works (and doesn’t work) for you. Over-complicating your skincare routine may damage your natural skin barrier and unbalance your skin’s natural pH. Invest in less but more effective skincare products and your wallet will thank you for it in the long run!
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    Taking care of your skin is a lifelong journey that requires time, effort and mostly patience! Finding the right professionals to look after your skincare needs is very important. Estetica Beauty is an established beauty pioneer with over 38 years of experience and the only beauty retailer in Singapore with a joint skincare laboratory with global leading A*STAR research institutes. Come and experience the difference for yourself now: https://www.esteticabeauty.com/promotions/

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