Or is it just a gimmick?

We often see skincare packaged and marketed differently for men and women. But do you ever stop to wonder if it really is any different? 

We let you in on a little secret…

Most of the time it’s not!

Skincare marketed towards males tend to be packaged in simpler designs, with darker colour schemes and a lot less flashy words. Possibly because men don’t care for things like “Extracted from the alpine roses” or “10X more effective for radiant, glowy skin”. Neither would they have a strong preference for bottles in colours such as pink, or even pastel tones.

So what about product formulation?

It is true that a man’s skin is different from a woman’s. Men generally have thicker skin by about 25%, and a higher collagen density, which helps to slow down the ageing process! Also, men tend to have oilier skin, no thanks to male hormones: androgens! 

However, this doesn’t mean that men have to use specific skincare catered to the male population as skincare products formulated for men or women are still composed of essentially the same ingredients. Active ingredients are what is most important in skincare, and we can’t really deviate too far when it comes to creating a skincare with maximum efficacy. 

When it comes to picking out a skincare item for men, it really boils down to your personal preference – what are your skincare concerns, does packaging matter to you, what kind of texture/fragrance do you like?

For males looking to start a simple skincare routine, you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the many options out in the market. Try incorporating the following products into your daily routine!

1 – Cleanser

You can look at cleansers as a form of soap that is less harsh, and specifically designed for the skin on your face. They don’t just remove makeup. Cleansers also removes dead skin cells, oil build-up, dirt, and other pollutants from your pores, effectively ensuring that your face is completely clear and cleansed. With your pores unclogged, the chances of getting acne are greatly reduced.

Try the ActivCalm Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Mousse, an easy-to-use cleanser that won’t strip your skin dry!

2 – Scrub

Due to excess sebum secretion, men’s skin tends to get greasy by the end of the day, and if you’re an outdoorsy kind of guy, you can get more dirt and grime stuck in your pores. Using a scrub twice weekly can help to get rid of the gunk in your pores, and clear the buildup of dead skin cells on your skin!

The LumiWhite Exfoliating Scrub contains natural jojoba seed extracts, which makes it a gentle exfoliant to get rid of any impurities such as amassed dead skin cells, and grime caught within your pores.

3 – Moisturiser

Moisturisers reduce the chances of skin problems by helping your skin maintain a healthy balance of oil and moisture. Start off with a light moisturiser that smells good and feels good for you. Once you get used to the feeling of having happy, hydrated skin, you won’t even need us to remind you about moisturising your skin.

A key concern amongst men would be oily and acne-prone skin. Try either the PurClear Acti-Biotic Normalising Cream which helps to control sebum production throughout the day, or the PurClear Nano-Silver AG+ Essence which helps to keep acne at bay!

In Good Hands,