It’s time to get back in shape!

We’re officially past the 15 days celebratory period of Chinese New Year, but let’s be honest, is that going to stop us from snacking on what’s left over of the pineapple tarts, love letters and kueh lapis

Hold your horses (and your mouth!) Unless you have a super high metabolic rate, all these snacking is going to result in additional love handles, or a muffin top which we definitely do not want… ? 

Fret not, as we’ve some tips and tricks to get you back in shape after all that feasting we’ve been indulging in over the last few weeks.

Detox those nasty buildups in your body

A surefire way to detox is to drink more water, but not everyone enjoys drinking plain water, we know. Here are some tastier options, that remain just as healthy and helpful when it comes to detoxing!

? Lemon water

Lemon helps to prevent bloating and indigestion, which is especially great after a heavy meal!  What’s more, lemons are a rich source of Vitamin C which boosts your immune system too. An easy way to consume this would be to put two-three slices of lemon into a water bottle every morning to bring along with you, and voila, you’re good for the day!

? Hot green tea

Green tea is packed with natural polyphenols which support the body’s normal detox system. These polyphenols directly impact your liver, i.e. the body’s major detox organ to stimulate and aid in your body’s natural detoxification process. Sip a cup of hot green tea after lunch to fight the sleep bug, and let it work its wonder on your body too!

? Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which when consumed regularly, helps to decrease abdominal fat and build-up of body and liver fats. Furthermore, it also contains a protein enzyme molecule that helps regulate bacteria in the gut. We’re totally in love with the idea of a healthy drink that helps with weight loss too!

Get a quick workout in

Exercising takes a little bit of determination and effort on your part, but we do not have to fork out exorbitant sums on a gym membership to do so. A 15-30 minutes daily workout either in the morning or evening from the comforts of your home is in fact sufficient to get you back in shape.

Not sure where to start? Pull out an easy-to-follow home workout video from YouTube and follow along. Alternatively, try out some yoga at home, which really helps to stretch and tone your body. If this is still too difficult, you could also just grab a skipping rope, jump for 15 minutes and you can burn 200-300 calories!

Or just let someone help you do it

If workouts are just not your thing, and you’re still on the lookout for a faster, easier way to get back in shape, Estetica also has a range of slim and tone treatments to help you out. 

Try the Osmo Salt Purifying Scrub with a Detox Thermal Wrap which helps to sweat out the toxins in your body if all you need is a little boost. This treatment helps to reduce water retention, and you can lose up to 1kg in just one session.

If stubborn fats is what’s bothering you, then try the Fat Buster treatment which combines the above with an additional machine treatment focused on your target areas to help burn, and break down fats. Not only can you lose some weight, this would also help to tone, and shape your body! Read more about it here!

With these tips and tricks, and a lot less reason to snack now that we’re no longer house visiting for Chinese New Year, we wish you the best of luck in getting that detox, and your body back in shape. ?

In Good Hands,