VERY HAPPY to be sharing today’s post with you all!

Cos guess who’s on board the star-studded list of celebrities(them, not me) who are sponsored by Estetica???

Together with Jesseca Liu(lucky girl is the ambassador) and Romeo Tan(MY ALL TIME FAVE LOCAL ACTOR. I LOVE YOU ROMEO! Haha like he reads my blog lolol.), I got to try out Estetica’s facial treatment!

If you’ve been to any of the 9 outlets that Estetica have, you might have seen Jesseca Liu’s giant poster there! I saw it at Tampines Mall, it’s like several stories high!

The one that I went to is at Plaza Singapura! So without more ado, lemme share my Estetica experience with you girls!

Arriving at the 6th floor of Plaza Sing…

#06-18 of Plaza Sing, beside the food court. You can’t miss it! Love love love the purple deco cos purple’s my fave colour!

The reception area. So tastefully decorated. Clean and bright yet still feels like someone’s (very nice) home!

Some of their stellar products on display for your perusal. I think it’s awesome that facial places have seats for patient bfs/gfs/husbands/wives!

See the beautiful Jesseca Liu on the TV screen on the left. She’s soooo beautiful and her skin is so flawless omg. Let’s hope I achieve some of her glow and radiance with my facial today!

My consultation room. Purple table top! I want this in my room too!

So here’s Estetica’s analysis of my skin. Only 2 aspects in the normal zone! And my complexion is… ;(((

Okay let’s not dwell on the negative! Here are the 2 treatments Estetica recommended for me to improve my skin’s condition!

1. Derma Calm Facial (Awarded Best Calming Facial by The Singapore Women’s Weekly 2014 Spa Awards):

2. Oxygen Glow Therapy (Awarded Best Radiance Reviver Facial by Blissful Brides 2012 Spa Awards):

Both are like super good right?? I LOVE reading these product/service descriptions!!! They make me really look forward to my experience and I enjoy it so much more cos I know the good stuff happening!

Procedure of the treatment:

  • Cleanse
  • Shoulder Massage
  • Extraction (*scared* this part sounds painful! But let’s see!)
  • Oxygen Glow Therapy (consisting of O2 Spray & O2 Infusion)
  • Application of 2 serums – Ultra Calm Serum to soothe and repair my skin & Anti-Acne Serum for targeted problem areas
  • Mask
  • Moisturizer


My view of the very purple room! Did you know purple/lavender is a soothing colour? If you sleep in a lavender-coloured room, your sleep is said to be deeper and more relaxed! Good thinking, Estetica!

Best facial bed ever!


The beds are freakin custom-made!

The curvature feels like the Tempur one that costs 8k, which is on my Christmas wish list. Anyone wanna make my wish come true? Hahaha. Till then, I shall hope Estetica invites me back for more of these glorious treatments so I can KO in utter bliss on these beds. (Also, I keep thinking “MAYBE Romeo lied on THIS bed?” LOL #creeperalert)

Changed into my comfy white robe. Can’t wait!

Before we begin, lemme show you a horrific giant pic of my non-made up face haha. You’ve been warned…

No filter (I used MYXJ to make my face more V-shaped but that’s all the editing I did!). My skin has calmed down A LOT after being put on a customized regime, but I still get the occasional zit(see forehead) and redness around my chin. My skin is also veryyy dry and when I don’t moisturize enough, it has a tendency to get oily(see forehead again. WTH is wrong with my forehead today? LOL). Very tragic.

Estetica, pretty please calm my skin and gimme the glow all your customers rave about!

Melting into the almost-Tempur bed.

With my hair and body wrapped up. I look like a purple mermaid hahahah.

The lights were dimmed for a superb neck and shoulder massage. Honestly I was a little bit worried at this point. I thought, “Why are they giving me such a shiok massage? Is it cos the extraction part is very painful???” Hahahaha. Now that I know better, I should’ve just relaxed even more and enjoyed my massage cos it was really so damn good!

My eyes were covered for the facial steaming…

Then the extraction began. NOT painful one! I kept expecting pain but it just never happened! Some of the areas where she had to go deeper, she just did it slower, instead of harder. There was NONE of the tear-inducing extractions that I knew facials to be of!

The best part of the extraction process was that every time she finished an area, she’d immediately put this cotton pad soaked with a super cooling liquid on the part she worked on. It felt soooo soothing… But in the end, I looked like:

HAHAHHAHAHA. Obviously I had no idea at that time cos my eyes were closed the entire time but this pic cracks me up. I look so funny here!

Moving on… Next up is the Oxygen Glow Therapy!

The oxygen spray infusing much needed oxygen to my face! This feels really special! It’s like pulses of oxygen being pumped onto and into my skin at very regular intervals. And it makes this sound that reminds me of the beat of a fast song haha, like “pump, pump, pump pump, pump, pump, pump pump”. Now say that very fast! Hahahah. It’s really relaxing and feels like a massage!

Followed by the O2 Infusion!

The machine that pulses all this precious oxygen on my face! (Not literally an injection haha)

Then the Ultra Calm Serum to soothe and repair my skin & Anti-Acne Serum for targeted problem areas. I love serums!

This step was incredibly calming for my skin. It was very cooling and my skin felt really soothed.

Another HAHA pic.

But I think the ULTIMATE PIC OF THE DAY has got to be THIS:

WHAT. IS. THIS.? This is not me! Lolol. This was actually a mask to calm my skin after all the extraction!

Laugh all you want. Cos I’m the one who has the last laugh. Because I left Estetica looking like…


Again, no filter. Zero makeup either. My skin is significantly calmer and I look so well-rested! And the glow on my face is unmistakable.

I stood at the exact same spot(before & after) in my treatment room so Idk why the lighting seems different but here’s a side by side comparison:

Neither pic is filtered, I swear. (Try to overlook the lighting difference please, sorry about it!) The big zit on my forehead looks much less angry and virtually gone, and the redness on my chin also went away. I think the glow is the best part of this facial! Before pic looks so shag haha. After pic is WHOA. I’m not praising myself okay? Just awed by the difference in radiance. :)

Estetica also gave me some awesome products to bring home!

Home-care products:

ést.lab SunShield SPF 50 (Awarded Best Tinted Moisturizer by The Singapore Women’s Weekly 2014 Beauty Awards)

ést.lab VitaLift A+ Brillage Mask (Romeo uses this! I saw on his IG! Hahaha I’m totally smitten.)

This is the ést.lab SunShield SPF 50 (Awarded Best Tinted Moisturizer by The Singapore Women’s Weekly 2014 Beauty Awards). You see the STAMP OF APPROVAL? I told you all I LOVE these chops right? Whenever I see them, I know the product is confirmed awesome haha. The texture of this is very very light and it gets absorbed really quickly. I’ve only tried this on my hand cos I’ve 2 current sunblocks(IDS and 1028) I’m still using so I’ll wait till I’m done with them before trying this!

Source: Kaykay Blog Review