Whoever said skincare has to be difficult, hasn’t read this blog post.

Skincare may be daunting for many, especially those who are new to the game. From cleansers to toners, serums to creams – figuring out the differences between brightening and whitening, hydrating and moisturising, anti-ageing and more. There are just so many terms which may seem so confusing and intimidating.

But really, skincare isn’t as difficult as it seems, and today we are here to break that down for you! Jesseca Liu reveals her skincare secrets with us, from her basic cleansing steps to her special face massage techniques that she swears by to depuff her face in the mornings! 

Step 1: Cleansing

Did you know that, overnight, your skin can accumulate a buildup of oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria from your bed and pillow? If you’re one of those who skip the cleansing step in the morning, it’s time to insert it back into your A.M. skincare routine.

Jesseca uses the VitaLift A+ Skin Revive Cleansing Milk which is a gentle milk cleanser with anti-ageing properties. Nourishing enough for everyday use, it doesn’t over-cleanse your face or leave it feeling dry or flaky.

As she says, the key to cleansing is not in the amount of strength you use, but the technique! Cleansing in a gentle, upwards motion will also help to prevent the skin from premature sagging, as well as give it a slight lift.

Below’s what Jesseca has to say about the VitaLift A+ Skin Revive Cleansing Milk:

Step 2: Toner

Applying a toner makes a world of difference to the efficacy of the rest of your skincare regime! The reason being, a toner helps to prep your skin for what is to come after, and increases the absorption rate of the remaining products that will be applied onto your skin! 

A little tip from Jesseca is to apply the toner using your bare hands! 

Here, she uses the VitaLift A+ Skin Revive Lotion Essence, which contains antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to combat ageing, and lock in moisture to the skin!

Wondering how Jesseca maintains her V-shaped facial contour? Look no further ??

Step 3: Serum

Serums are the superfoods for your skin! There are many types out there, and selecting the right one may be tough! However, don’t let that deter you as they really do play a big part in your skincare routine!

In Jesseca’s case, she uses the VitaLift A+ Miracle Lift Serum, which is specially formulated to target deep wrinkles and sagging tissues, and contains high-performance active ingredients to provide instant and long-term lifting and firming effects.

Step 4: Moisturiser

A moisturiser is essential to lock in all the goodness from the skincare steps you’ve done just now. And more than just providing your skin with hydration (and whatever benefits it’s supposed to provide based on its formulation), it also acts as a barrier to protect your skin from external pollutants!

Jesseca’s choice of moisturiser is the award-winning VitaLift A+ Cellular Ultra-Repair Cream, a multi-tasking product with multiple benefits to repair, renew, smoothen, nourish, and brighten. Perfect for the busy women in our lives! It holistically improves one’s skin condition and boosts skin immunity for a healthy and radiant complexion! 

Step 5: Eye Serum

Coming from someone who has hit the Big-4 and yet doesn’t look a day over 30, we trust Jesseca when she says it is important to pay more attention to the eyes when it comes to your skincare routine!

The all-new OptimaLift A+ Eye Repair Capsules provide anti-ageing, depuffing, and hydrating benefits to the eye contours. It contains 10% Argireline Peptide, which is also known as the BOTOX alternative, to effectively remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, 10% Eyeseryl Peptide which has a proven efficacy in reducing puffy eye bags, and Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract which helps to hydrate and retain moisture around the eye contours and increases collagen and elastin. 

It comes packaged in a jar with 60 individual capsules within! The capsules have a lightweight, silky-smooth finish and they are suitable for both day and night use. 

The capsules’ individual packaging also means that the product is kept fresh and will retain its efficacy at its optimum levels up till the point you twist it open for use!

A little tip when applying your eye products would be to do so gently. As the skin around the eyes are really fragile, be light-handed during application and tap it in gently to aid in the absorption of the products. Go around the contours of your eyes, and don’t forget to apply it above your eyelids (right below your brow bone too)!

Step 6: Eye Cream

Now don’t just stop there! When we wake up in the mornings with puffy eye bags or if social media/K-dramas/Netflix-binging is giving you dark eye circles, turn to the ultimate eye saviour – the multi-award-winning OptimaLift A+ Multi-Repair Eye Essence!

This lightweight eye essence is great for use in the mornings as it really helps to reduce fluid retention around your eye contours, and lighten your dark eye circles too! It has a slight minty, cooling sensation as it contains Peppermint Leaf Water for that little perk-me-up you’ll be thankful for! 

Here’s a little P.S. from Jesseca! 

Step 7: Pampering Eye Treat

Now, we all can do with a bit of extra pampering on days where we’re feeling particularly tired, and this is just what we need! The new OptimaLift A+ Intelligent Eye Revitaliser is a Tri-Action Eye Massage Device with 3 modes: LED Red Light Therapy, Heat Compress, and High Frequency Vibrations.

High Frequency Vibration of up to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute helps to activate blood circulation and promote detoxification.

Hot Compress with rapid heating function of 37-45°C soothes and relieves fatigue around the eye contours.

LED Red Light Therapy enhances cellular activity to promote collagen regeneration and repairs damaged skin cells.

Step 8: Sunscreen

To end off the morning skincare routine, we always say, never skimp on sunscreen! Introducing ést.lab’s bestseller, and Jesseca’s all-time fave, the SunShield SPF 50!

The colour-adaptative technology of the SunShield means that on top of sun protection, your skin will also be given an even coverage for a no-makeup makeup look! So on days you don’t feel like putting on makeup, you will be able to head out just like this!

A tip from Jesseca when it comes to sunscreen is to apply it even on areas you never knew required UV protection! And that includes your neck and ears!

8 steps might seem like a lot but every step counts towards achieving a healthy and radiant complexion like Jesseca’s! 

To watch Jesseca’s full Skincare Secrets video, click here!

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