The actress and Estetica brand ambassador dishes on how to enjoy her timeless bridal beauty vibe.


Start off every morning with my daily dose of fresh vegetable juice and follow this up a while later with plain water, which I drink throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Like clockwork, after a morning shower, I cleanse, tone and moisturise with ést.lab’s VITALIFT A+ anti-ageing range. It keeps my facial contours lifted, and helps me maintain a youthful radiance. Then it’s time for the OPTIMALIFT A+ Multi-Repair Eye Essence to reduce eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles, and to brighten up my whole eye area.

Sunscreen goes on next. I really like ést.lab’s SUNSHIELD SPF50***. It doubles as a makeup base, and complements my skin tone perfectly. With this, my makeup also lasts throughout the day without fading.

Every night, I repeat my cleanse, tone and moisturise regime, and end off with ést.lab’s VITALIFT A+ Miracle Lift Serum. I haven’t reached 40, but using this serum smooths out my expression lines, reduces surface wrinkles and restores radiance. It also maintains skin elasticity, and boosts the skin’s immunity against environmental pollution. I also apply the OPTIMALIFT A+ Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream to reduce wrinkles and combat signs of ageing around my eyes.

Another beauty must is a regular facial, which is not always easy to do with my hectic, often unpredictable schedule. Whenever I can’t get to an Estetica Beauty Salon, I would use a VITALIFT A+ Brillage Nano-Biocellulose Face Mask twice a week.

It’s a sheet mask drenched with active ingredients that deliver multiple benefits, including rehydrating and brightening my tired skin, and keeping it supple and luminous.

One more secret: I believe beauty starts from the inside out, and, while I leave Estetica to take care of all my skincare needs, I stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle. I am sure this holistic approach is helping my skin to stay healthy and youthful, too.


There is really no shortcut to beautiful skin. As an actress, I am diligent about caring for my skin in order to look my best in front of the camera, and in public.

Even when I’m not at work, I take good care of my complexion, otherwise, the neglect would show! It’s something my mum has inculcated in me since young, and I believe that if one slackens off their beauty regime for even a day, you lose crucial momentum and discipline, and that can easily spiral into indifference.

So, I’m pretty disciplined in maintaining all that I am doing, though I bumped things up a notch or two for the wedding! For a weekly boost, I added ést.lab’s OPTIMALIFT A+ Eye Contour Mask. And, whenever I could, I’d head to an Estetica salon for their signature OPTIMALIFT A+ Eye Treatment which leaves my eyes instantly refreshed and brighter-looking!

Two weeks before the pre-wedding shoot and the actual wedding, I would use a face mask every night. I also scheduled appointments for Estetica’s pampering face, eye and body treatments, and each visit left me feeling renewed, while my skin, and especially the area around my eyes, would look amazing.

In order to maintain my figure, I paid special attention to my diet. I relied on Estetica’s Cellu-Buster Body Therapy & Acoustic Multi Wave Slim & Tone Therapy that incorporates acoustic waves, multipolar radio frequency and vacuum suction It is excellent for reducing bloat, water retention, boosting fat metabolism, and reducing cellulite on my thighs.

As advised by my therapist, I used the VITALIFT A+ Brillage Nano- Biocellulose Face Mask the night before my wedding. She told me this would help all of my makeup to go on smoothly and stay intact all day and it worked!


My key concern has always been my eye area, especially puffiness around the eyes. I’m a loyal user of ést.lab’s OPTIMALIFT A+ eye care range. Besides effectively diminishing puffiness, it also replenishes moisture and has me looking constantly well rested.

Also important is keeping clear of dark spots. Looking back, I know now why my mum was so adamant about the importance of sunscreen since my teenage years. Did I mention what a great product ést.lab’s tinted SUNSHIELD SPF50*** was earlier? It truly is a beauty must-have!

I especially like its colour changing technology. Besides broad specturm UV protection, it also brightens, moisturises, conceals imperfections, and gives a sheer, dewy finish. It’s perfect for makeup-free days, too.


Invest in the premium VITALIFT A+ anti-ageing range. It will have you looking youthful and radiant around the clock. And VITALIFT A+ Miracle Lift Serum is really effective at making wrinkles and lines go away. It also has me looking my best for important events.

One anti-ageing facial treatment I swear by is Estetica’s GeneO+ 3-in-1 Super Facial that gives immediate and lasting results, thanks to unparalleled skin nourishment, oxygenation and the advanced skin science that drives this technology.

It combines TriPollar RF, which is clinically proven to deliver immediate and long-term youthfulness; OxyGeneo that exfoliates, boosts microcirculation, and refreshes as well as renews skin; and Sonophoresis that delivers active ingredients deep into the dermis to target signs of ageing, dehydration, sun damage, pigmentation, rough skin, and acne

Besides instantly lifting my contours, it smooths and enhances radiance, and my skin immediately feels suppler and bouncier. My facial contours are also more defined, and my skin glows like crazy. It is definitely my go-to skin saver, and is perfect for time-strapped brides needing fast results with zero downtime.

Lastly, be sure to try out the Acoustic Multi-Wave Slim & Tone Body Therapy – my secret to fitting into my wedding dress as well as I did!



For immediate and long-term lifting effects, this contains key active ingredients like Osilift® and Syn®-Ake, which are proven to smooth expression lines, reduce surface wrinkles, and restore youthful radiance as well as bounce, while preventing damage from environmental pollution.

Info Source: Her World Brides September 2017 Issue