5 skincare tips for the germaphobe in you

The COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore might be better controlled now than it was just 2 weeks ago, with many actions put in place by the government. As responsible individuals, we should also do our part by maintaining good personal hygiene! By now, you should already know the importance of washing your hands and not touching your faces unnecessarily during this period.

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But what about skincare? Let us help you keep your skincare in its most hygienic state for use to minimise the risk of infection!

1) Wash your hands before handling your skincare

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Germs can be found all around us and are easily picked up by your hands. Especially on the face where there are many orifices such as eyes and nostrils, we could easily transmit the bacteria into our body when our dirty hands come into contact with our faces. Hence, it is a definite must to wash your hands before you handle your skincare, especially if your skincare comes in a tub form which requires you to dip your fingers into them!

2) Do not double dip into your skincare

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With the above point being said, it is highly recommended that we do not practice double dipping. Take what you need in one go, and screw that lid back! Double dipping is not only unhygienic, but could also cause the product’s freshness to be compromised. At the same time, the shorter the product is exposed to the air, the less risk it has of getting contaminated.

3) Use a spatula where possible

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An even better way to prevent your product from getting contaminated, be it from your hands, or being exposed to the environment, would be to use a spatula to gather an appropriate amount of product you require. P.S. don’t forget to wipe your spatula before and after each use to ensure that cleanliness is maintained.

4) Do not share your skincare

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Sharing your skincare means you exposing your skincare to germs that other people may be carrying. More than just that, sharing your skincare would also mean that you would not be able to manage how your skincare is being used and stored, as the person whom you are sharing it with may have a different style of using and storing them. This then means your skincare could be at a higher risk of being host to more germs? than you know.

5) Use skincare products with airless pump packaging

If you really need to share your skincare though, make sure to pick one with an airless pump packaging! With an airless pump packaging, your product will not be exposed to the air, there’s no need for double dipping and there’s less risk of contamination!

If you would like to change your skincare to one which comes in a hygienic airless packaging, try ést.lab’s range of creams and sunscreens! An airless pump packaging creates a vacuum effect to push the product upwards, ensuring that all of the product will be pumped out eventually to prevent any wastage! It also helps to prevent the product from being exposed to contaminants in the air, ensuring that it remains fresh? with every use.

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In Good Hands,