And a new year calls for a new beginning so here we are, sharing our top 5 tips to amp up your “BEAUT” factor for healthier skin in 2017!

Tip #1: Declutter!

The start of a new year is the perfect time for a beauty overhaul! Go through your beauty arsenal and throw out any makeup products that have passed their expiration dates. As a rule of thumb: mascaras should be tossed out every three months and liquid eyeliners every six months; while powders and foundations have a shelf life of up to twelve months. No more hoarding this year!

Tip #2: Remove your makeup diligently!

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If there’s one bad habit you need to leave behind in 2016, it’s sleeping with your makeup on. The best way to recharge your skin overnight is to leave it squeaky clean and makeup-free. Your pillow and your pores will thank you. Even if you are too tired, or struggling to keep your eyes open after a girls’ night out, or just plain lazy, you should at least use some makeup remover wipes. Try Estetica ést.lab Facial Cleansing Wipes (50pcs/pack @ SGD18) which has won CLEO’s Clear Skin Awards 2016 for Best Cleansing Wipes!

Tip #3: Don’t neglect your neck!

Your neck can be a dead giveaway to your age. Our lifestyle habits, especially the constant downward gaze at our smartphones/tablets/laptops/any other latest gadgets will inevitably cause neck folds to deepen over time. We tend to focus our attention on our face, while neglecting to reserve some TLC for our necks. Try Estetica’s Exclusive Neck Therapy (60mins @ SGD100) to give your neck a deserving pampering treat and diminish those unsightly neck lines!

Tip #4: Wear sunscreen!

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We cannot emphasize enough the importance of applying sunscreen. This is one of the most important daily skincare habits you NEED to adopt. Besides protecting your skin from sunburn, regular sunscreen use has been proven to prevent melanoma (skin cancer). It can also prevent premature ageing so it means that fine lines, wrinkles and age spots will not be knocking on your door any time soon! It’s a great way to protect, hydrate and even out skin tone with the application of just one product.

Try Estetica ést.lab SunShield SPF 50*** (50ml @ SGD96) which provides long-lasting protection against UVA (rays that cause ageing) and UVB (rays that cause burning) damage. This multiple beauty award winner is a multi-tasking must-have as it also contains Vitamins C and E for brightening and anti-ageing goodness. Did we mention it also has colour changing technology to blend into your skin tone flawlessly and provide a dewy finish?

Tip #5: Groom your eyebrows!

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Keep your brows on point as they will make a huge difference in the way you look. Different types of eyebrow arches complement different face shapes so make sure you do your research beforehand (P.S. Not everyone is suitable to have Korean straight brows…)! A fuss-free alternative to save that five to ten minutes drawing your eyebrows daily is to get them professionally shaped by an eyebrow guru. Your brows will be easy to maintain on your own thereafter (with some occasional tweezing of stray hairs of course!). Estetica’s 6D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery service (prices start from SGD688) can help you achieve that semi-permanent perfectly-shaped eyebrows.

We sure hope the above list will come in useful when you’re making your 2017 beauty resolutions! More importantly, be disciplined to stick to them otherwise your efforts will be in vain!

In good hands,