It’s that time of the year again, so shield up!

Unless you sell air purifiers, you are probably not too pleased with the return of the haze. While you can stock up on N95s to mask away the burning smell and protect your airways, have you thought about the impact of the smog on our skin? Previously, we spoke about skincare products that could keep pollutants at bay. But if you’re too lazy to update your skincare products, why not try a detoxing facial?

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1) Expert care matters

Not everyone have the time of the day to adhere to a 10-step skincare routine day and night for clean and glowy skin. And with all that smog, dust and pollutants in the air that can get caught in your pores, you might not realise that there’s actually a ton of gunk hidden within your pores. Which is why we would recommend getting some expert care. By entrusting your skin to the experts, you can be sure of a thorough cleansing with pore extraction, making sure that what’s not supposed to be there, will be gotten rid off in a jiffy.

2) Choose the right facial

Getting a detoxing facial isn’t the same as getting a regular extraction facial. While an extraction can help to clear out your pores, it does not necessarily help to keep your skin free of extremities. A detoxing facial on the other hand, focuses on using the right ingredients to draw out the gunk prior to extraction. This will be followed by other key actives to keep your skin in an optimal condition to protect and prevent harm to your skin from external aggressors.

Estetica’s BIOPURE Facial Treatment is one such detoxing facial which consists of these key ingredients to protect your skin from the unseen, leading to clearer, brighter, and stress-free skin!
PURISOFT® – Protects the skin by trapping and neutralising pollutants and heavy metals that penetrates the skin

PHYTOVITYL® – Plant extract from maize seeds to stimulate cell metabolism for healthier, radiant skin

OXYGESKIN® – Boosts the capacity of the skin to respond to hypoxic stress (low oxygen levels)

3) Tried and tested

With all that in mind, choosing a facial that has been validated by beauty experts should give you the assurance that the facial actually does what it promises to do. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to have any nasty surprises or encounter unwanted breakouts from your facial sesh.

Recently awarded “Best Detoxing Facial for City Skin” in CLEO’s Clear Skin Awards 2019, Estetica’s BIOPURE Facial Treatment is a clear winner!

With the aforementioned key ingredients, the BIOPURE range is specially formulated to address the effects of pollution on the skin. This makes it perfect for city-dwelling urbanites, as it provides your skin with a thorough cleansing, freeing it from impurities, and allowing it to get a breath of fresh air!

Benefits of this facial includes:

It boosts oxygen level in skin cells to improve metabolism

Acts as an anti-pollution shield to trap and block pollutants

Neutralises toxic particles to prevent skin oxidation

Detoxification effect for healthier, glowing skin

To celebrate this win, we’re now offering our first-time customers a chance to try it out for yourself at a special rate! Enjoy the BIOPURE Facial Treatment at $98 (U.P. $250) now when you sign up here!

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