Don’t let the smog bog you down.

It’s the time of the year again, and let’s be real, no matter how many air purifiers we turn on, the haze will not magically disappear overnight. And that means, pollution in the air we breathe and pollutants clogging up our skin. 

Here’s how you can maximise your skincare to haze-proof your skin in this time of distress! 

1) Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!

Definitely cleanse your skin as soon as you get home. We say this because it is important that you do not let the pollutants which have infiltrated your pores to linger any longer than they need to. 

More than just cleansing, use a facial scrub at least twice a week, to exfoliate and remove the grime that’s not visible to the naked eye. ést.lab LumiWhite Exfoliating Scrub contains natural Jojoba beads which are gentle on the skin whilst doing its job to slough off dirt from your skin. 

2) Protect during the day

You need to be most careful about what you apply before stepping out of the house in order to prevent your skin from being susceptible to the harmful effects of the haze. Use products which will help create a barrier to protect the skin from those minute particles that come with the haze.

We recommend protecting your skin with the VitaLift A+ Miracle Lift Serum. It contains FILMEXEL®, which forms a resistant, flexible and non-occlusive film on the skin, acting as a natural barrier against harmful exogenous agents (think particulate matter, allergens, irritants)! 

As the haze also stimulates free radical production, you should use a moisturiser packed with antioxidants, such as the VitaLift A+ OPC Antioxidant Cream which is formulated with grape seed extract that’s able to scavenge and neutralise oxidants and free radicals to prevent skin ageing! 

3) Soothe during the evening

After being outdoors all day, your skin might be experiencing sensitivity or redness. Let us introduce you to your skin saviour: the award-winning ActivCalm Ultra-Calm Serum! It contains ECOCert® certified organic double plant extracts to repair sensitised, inflamed fragile skin. It also strengthens skin’s immunity to restore skin to its optimal health.

Follow up with the ActivCalm Anti-Stress Hydra Cream which contains ceramide complex to repair the skin’s natural protective layer, maintain the skin’s integrity and improve skin’s defence. 

Trust us when we say this is the ultimate beat-the-haze winning combination! 

4) Get a facial!

And finally, once the haze has let up, we recommend booking a trip to the beauty salon for a much-needed pore-cleansing facial! While the right skincare routine plays a big role, getting your face professionally cared for is just as important. Plus, it’s not such a bad idea to get a little pampering for yourself too. 

Try the Estetica Biopure Facial, winner of CLEO’s Clear Skin Awards 2019 “Best Detoxing Facial for City Skin”. Yes, the name says it all. The Biopure Facial combines an oxygenating and detoxifying effect with an anti-pollution shield to keep your skin feeling clean and fresh!

Pre-book yourself a session to detox and pamper your skin today for just $98 (U.P. $250) here!

In Good Hands,