Celebrate phase 2 of Singapore’s reopening looking your best~

#1 No more tired eyes!

We’re definitely guilty of binge-watching dramas during the circuit breaker period, but who can blame us when we’ve been stuck at home for the past 2.5 months! However, with the joy of staying up late to catch up on the latest episodes of Money Heist, comes the not so joyful part of dark circles forming under our eyes that’s causing us to look more and more like pandas ?…

Fret not! You can now get back to work with fresh eyes with this ULTIMATE EYE LOVE IT EYE SPA KIT put together by ést.lab! 

Best loved for its hot compress function to instantly soothe eye fatigue, the OptimaLift A+ Intelligent Eye Revitaliser also integrates high-frequency sonic micro-vibrations and red light therapy to combat against eye woes such as puffy eye bags and dark eye circles. Just the perfect tool for chasing those panda eyes away!

The OptimaLift A+ Multi-Repair Eye Essence is best used in the mornings to depuff swollen eyes, lighten the appearance of dark eye circles, and relieve fatigue around the eyes with its minty, cooling sensation. 

The OptimaLift A+ Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream is perfect for evening use, with a slightly creamier consistency to reduce fine lines and crow’s feet, and hydrate the eye contours. You’ll wake up to younger-looking peepers the next morning!

For an instant radiance boost, try the OptimaLift A+ Eye Contour Mask which is made of nano-biocellulose material that fits snugly around your eye contours to ensure quick penetration of the potent eye serum for younger, brighter and more luminous eyes.

This all in one ULTIMATE EYE LOVE IT EYE SPA KIT is now available till 21 June at a whopping 34% savings for just $240 (U.P. $367)! Treat yourself, or a loved one to this eye pampering spa set and head back to work with well-rested and rejuvenated eyes!

#2 Get glowing skin!

Hands up if you’re missing your facials! If you’re dying to get the gunk accumulated in your pores for the past 2.5 months professionally extracted, you’ll be delighted to know that beauty salons are allowed to reopen in Phase 2. We could all do with some deep cleansing, pampering facial massages and a little time out now. 

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Enjoy our reopening special promotion for first-time visitors to Estetica, a specially curated SkinGlow Facial at just $38 (U.P. $200). This facial provides a much-needed deep cleanse for your skin, plus hydrating and brightening benefits to restore the glow back to your skin! Perfect, for this post-stay-home blues!

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#3 Say goodbye to mask-ne!

If you’ve not heard of mask-ne (mask acne), let us introduce you to the unfortunate side effect of wearing a mask – skin irritation that results in pimples popping up around your mouth, cheeks and jawline. ?Heading back to work with a face full of acne/acne marks just isn’t something we’re looking forward to right now. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! 

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Estetica’s Acne Biotic Facial Treatment helps to control sebum production and treat acne-prone skin to diminish the appearance of blackheads, pimple blemishes and acne scar! Get ready to head back to work with clear skin and confidence! First-time customers to Estetica can sign up for a 1st trial of the Acne Biotic Facial Treatment at just $98 (U.P. $280).

#4 I woke up like this!

Having worked from home for the last 2.5 months, most of us have gotten used to waking up with just enough time to wash up and get to work on time, without the need for makeup and dressing up. It will be challenging to give up those extra minutes of sleep now that we have to factor in dressing up, putting on makeup and travelling time to get to work on time again. 

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Thankfully, there’s Estetica’s BB Dewy Shine Treatment, which can help to save time on makeup application in the mornings! This non-invasive treatment utilises Nano Crystalline Therapy System to apply a tinted ampoule on our visage to even out our skin tone, conceal blemishes and achieve instant skin brightening results! End results? A semi-permanent makeup look that allows us to just swipe on some blush and lip gloss, and be work-ready in no time at all!

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Sign up for the BB Dewy Shine Treatment at a first-time special rate of $98 (U.P. $300), and have more time to sleep in!

Appointment slots for the remainder of June are filling up fast! Call the outlets directly or email us at enquiry@esteticabeauty.com to secure your appointment slots now. Feel free to slide into our DMs on social media if you’ve any enquiries, and we’d be happy to assist! 

In Good Hands,