Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow…

Christmas (and the New Year) is literally round the corner, and parties are underway. We all want to look our best when we turn up for luncheons, dinners, parties and countdowns. While you might have the latest festive makeup set in your bag, you’ll still need the perfect canvas for your makeup to glide on effortlessly, and to be honest, nothing can beat the glow that shines from within. Let us help you with that!

  1. Red Bull for Your Skin  – Vitamin Energy Facial Treatment

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    December is a month synonymous with partying and drinking, and that usually results in fatigued, dull-looking skin from the lack of sleep and overindulgence of alcohol. Besides hydrating yourself sufficiently to flush out the toxins from your body, another way to get rid of that zombie-look would be get enough shuteye.

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    But we don’t all have that luxury. That’s why the new Vitamin Energy Facial is the perfect energy booster for you! A power packed treatment featuring the use of 4 serums – detox, hydration, anti-ageing and radiance, and 2 masks all in 90 minutes, it will energise, revitalise and fight signs of fatigue to help you to achieve that glow from within!First time visitors to Estetica Beauty can try the Vitamin Energy Facial Treatment at $128 (U.P. $420) here.
  2. Emergency Fix for Zits – Acne Biotic Facial Treatment
    Did your hormones trigger a breakout just before you need to attend that party you’ve been looking forward to the whole month? We have just the solution for you.

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    The Acne Biotic Facial helps to control sebum, reduce blemishes, minimise pores and deep cleanse your skin for a clearer complexion. Awarded Best Anti-Acne Facial in Her World 2017 Spa Awards, need we say more?Find out more about the Acne Biotic Facial Treatment in this review, and first time visitors to Estetica Beauty can try this treatment at $98 (U.P. $280) here.
  3. For that Perfect Selfie  – Slim Face Lift Facial Treatment
    We all want to look good in pictures but somehow, our worst angles are often captured in candid shots. Now you can look good from every angle and avoid getting your double chin in focus with the Slim Face Lift Facial. This treatment is excellent for targeting fatty areas, such as double chin, chubby cheeks and sagging skin.

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    Having won the Best Face Contouring Facial award in Her World Spa Awards this year, this treatment will have you leaving the salon with a contoured visage, and firmer, more youthful-looking skin. All these without the need for any invasive procedure!First time visitors to Estetica Beauty can try the Slim Face Lift Facial at $128 (U.P. $375) here.
  4. For that No Makeup Makeup Look – BB Dewy Shine Face Therapy
    Want to look good naturally without the use of excessive makeup, or not having to worry about your makeup melting in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, especially when you have to cosy up to throngs of people during the countdown party?

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    What if we tell you there is a way to keep your skin looking fresh and dewy, as if your makeup was just applied, without actually needing makeup! The BB Dewy Shine Face Therapy offers just that! Using a nano-crystalline therapy system, you can achieve a fuss-free and flawless no makeup look that lasts through the night, and still look as fresh as day after staying out till dawn.First time visitors to Estetica Beauty can try the BB Dewy Shine Face Therapy at $98 (U.P. $350) here.

Leave your skincare concerns in our good hands. We’ll help you attain that coveted glow for Christmas so you’ll have one less thing to stress about! And if you’re still wondering what to get for that special someone in your life, don’t forget to check out our gift guide for some ideas!

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