What’s the difference?

There are a wide variety of facial scrubs available in the market, and choosing a facial scrub may have more implications for your skin (and the environment) than you thought!

Exfoliants can be categorised into two broad categories:

(i) microbeads which are made from plastics, and
(ii) natural exfoliants, which can be derived from sugar, apricot kernel, walnut husks or jojoba beads.

But with so many options to choose from, which is the most suitable for our face?

First, let’s talk about microbeads! 

Microbeads are made of plastic material, most commonly polyethylene or polypropylene, and they come in a spherical shape, which means that it wouldn’t cause abrasions and micro-tears to the skin due to its smooth edges. 

As they are one of the least harmful forms of exfoliant that can be used on the face, microbeads used to be the preferred exfoliating beads for facial scrubs UNTIL it was discovered that they were detrimental to the environment! 

Due to the miniscule size of microbeads, they often slip through sewage systems and find their way into lakes, rivers and oceans where they can be mistaken for food (gasp!) by marine life. They also do not degrade over time, adding on to the toxic plastic pollution of the seas. 

P.S. Microbeads have since been banned in major countries where skincare products are being produced such as the United States of America, and Europe. China has also just recently put in a ban on the production of skincare products with microbeads by end 2020, and sale of existing products are to end by 2022. While Singapore has yet to enforce such a ban, many retailers have taken a stance on this issue, and have stopped carrying products which contain microbeads. 

Now, how are natural exfoliants different?

The emergence of natural exfoliants in recent years has been met with a warm welcome as they are definitely less harmful to the environment, and when sourced correctly, can be sustainable and eco-friendly too! Here’s a quick comparison of the different natural exfoliants and their benefits!

Looking for an eco-friendly exfoliant that’s moisturising and gentle enough even for sensitive skins, let us introduce you to Jojoba (pronounce hohoba) beads! 

If you’re not familiar with jojoba beads, they are sourced from 100% pure jojoba wax (the solid form of jojoba oil). They are biodegradable and eco-friendly as they are able to dissolve naturally whilst used. The perfect spherical shape of the jojoba beads provides an even and gentle exfoliation and are suited for regular use as they will not cause micro-lacerations on your skin.

In comparison, granules from grounded apricot kernels and walnut husks as well as sugar granules, regardless of how fine they have been grounded, are irregular in shape, and their rough edges could cause micro-tears and abrasions on your skin which can lead to increased irritation. 

With that in mind, keep a lookout for facial scrubs with jojoba beads as their key exfoliant when you’re choosing your next scrub! 

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