Last week, I had the chance to experience Estetica’s new and unique VitaLift A+ Multi-Wave Face Therapy (60min, $454) – it is an anti-ageing therapy. So now I am sharing with you my experience, and what I think about it. Note that it is not a full detailed review (as it’s only a one-off session), but just a sharing of my experience and overall impressions.

The steps of the VitaLift A+ Multi-Wave Face therapy includes:

– Multi-Polar RF, which tightens existing collagen for an immediate up-lifting effect. It also stimulates new collagen growth and boosts elastin production for improved skin elasticity.

– LED Red Light is use to penetrate the skin, and improve the skin’s circulation to re-energise and repair damaged cells.

– Lastly a Pneumatic Suction System aids in lymphatic detoxification to rid toxins and excess fluids. It also tones facial muscles to firm saggy skin.

– The treatment incorporates the VitaLift A+ Nano-Biocellulose Collogen Mask, which is made up of ultra-fine nano fibers to deliver and lock moisture into the deepest skin layers. Finally, hyaluronic acid is pumped in to plump up the skin, minimise wrinkles and lines and restore skin’s youthful radiance. The treatment delivers immediate, visible results with no downtime.

Here’s a pic of Anna Belle Francis – who endorses the treatment and gives it a two thumbs up.

Prior to the treatment, the therapist did a quick skin analysis using a scanner which measures skin elasticity/ collagen content and also skin hydration level.

While my skin is healthy in the collagen department, some parts of it is considered hydration (but according to her, there is no cause for concern at this point as along as I am using a skincare routine).

Since the treatment promises to lift the facial contours, I told her to ahem, concentrate more on my double chin (fatty side of the face) since I don’t really have lines or sagginess around the rest of my face.

The treatment was relaxing and quite fast (consisting of two main steps followed by the mask time). During the Multi-Polar RF segment, there was a slight tingly sensation, but in my experience, nothing too drastic nor uncomfortable.

The mask was cooling and I felt that it really hydrated my skin surface immediately.

Post facial, I could see that the pores on my skin were visibly reduced, and there is a natural radiance and refined skin texture. While I didn’t notice any immediate lifting effect (that will take at least another 5-6 sessions I believe), I think that it is something to try if you are starting to see the development of fine lines around your nose and mouth.

The treatment is pricey, but if you want to check out any promotions they have going on, do check out their FACEBOOK page or website:


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Hope you find this sharing useful!

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Credit to: Makeup Blogette – Experiencing Estetica’s VitaLift A+ Multi-Wave Face Therapy