This afternoon, I got to experience the new Estetica’s GENXSKIN treatment at Plaza Singapura. This is my second time having a facial done at the PS branch.. and I know I have said this many times before, there is nothing like having someone cleanse, scrub and mask your skin, giving your face a good solid 90 minutes of TLC. I feel like I really needed that. I mostly have good skin days, but there are times when I feel like I need the extra care.

The main features of the GenxSkin treatment in layman’s terms – is an anti-aging (collagen!), brightening (reduce and heal spots/ marks) and also shot through with a hydrating mask. The kind folks from the Estetica team also gave me travel-sized products of the essentials of this treatment so I can do a bit of maintaining at home. Can’t wait to try!

The 90min treatment consists of the following steps:

  • 1. cleanse the skin (to remove any makeup and surface impurities)
  • 2. scrub the skin using the Perfect Surfacer which is a powerful exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and makes my skin really soft and luminous.
  • 3. next, a steamer stage – which basically moists the surface of your skin and also opens up the pores.
  • 4. extraction – This is something I am getting quite used to.. I used to be very squirmish when it comes to extraction. But now I can brave the gruelling but necessary step of the treatment. My therapist, Teresa, was swift and gentle.. so any pain or discomfort was hardly noticeable. She also placed a very cooling toning cotton pad over each area that has been extracted.. so mininise the redness and to soothe the area overall.
  • the ampoules – which I suppose is the intensive treatment/ serum stage
  • the mask – which takes 20 minutes

I immediately noticed brighter and smoother skin – such that I didn’t have to wear any base products at all when I went out for dinner later that day. I think this is a good treatment to invest in if you have special ocassions coming up – maybe try to go once a week for a month for that ultimate luminous complexion. After all, if you have good clear smooth skin that’s really more than half the battle won as far as make up is concerned.

And if you want to read the full information including the scientific explanation, here you go:

Estetica’s GENXSKIN improves skin at a genetic level for younger-looking skin in 2 weeks

Estetica has launched a new anti-ageing facial treatment that harnesses the power of our genes. A high performance, dermo-cosmetic approach based on cosmeto-genomics (the stimulation of skin’s vital functions), the GENXSKIN is in many ways, revolutionary and a true skincare innovation.

The brief on ageing skin. This process of how our skin deteriorates is unique to every individual and no two people age in the samemanner. However, the origin of this process is singular and predominantly determined by our genes. Skin ageing is characterised by, among other things, a “dormancy” of genes responsible for stabilising thestructure of the dermis. Called the extracellular matrix (ECM) and made up of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, it’s primary function is to ensure the skin’s firmness, elasticity, thickness and density, and its disintegration will cause the skin to lose its firmness and a freezing of negative facial expressions. Ageing causes a breakdown in the “communication” between dermal cells and the ECM, resulting in the reduction in the quantity and quality of the support fibres (fibroblasts). Slowly but surely, one ends up with deep wrinkles, looser skin (as fat and muscle tissues melt and can no longer support it), giving rise to what Estetica’s experts call a “reversed beauty triangle”.

How GENXSKIN works

GENXSKIN works by rebooting and stimulating 14 youth-giving genes so as to restore the “triangle of beauty” and reviving the characteristics of young skin. The primary active ingredient responsible for this is Matrigenics14 G, which is extracted from a brown macro-alga called undaria pinnatifida. Rich in esters of wakame sulfated galactofucan, it works by reactivating the genes involved in the synthesis, maturation and organisation of collagen fibers and elastin, as well as hyaluronic acid. In short, this process helps to restructure the ECM of mature skin. Frown lines, smile lines and lip contour lines will be smoothed and filled, effectivelymaking right the “reversed beauty triangle” and neutralising negative expression lines.

The complete GENXSKIN treatment combines salon sessions and home use products to restore the “triangle of beauty”. To make this visible anti-aging effect last, GENXSKIN has a complete range of products – from cleansers and moisturisers to peels and CC creams – for daily home use.

On top of Matrigenics14 G, the GENXSKIN skincare range also contains two other complementing active ingredients – blueberry extract and edelweiss extract. Blueberry extract helps invigorate the skin tissue, soothes and regenerates the skin while brightening the complexion, while edelweiss, rich in anti-free radical polyphenols, also contains comforting mucilage.

The 3 GENXSKIN Essentials

To optimise the effects of the facial treatment, three particular products from the GENXSKIN range are essential for a home skincare regimen—namely, Perfect Surfacer, Fibraxtine Cream and the Matrixcell cream.

After makeup removal and cleansing, follow with the Perfect Surfacer. The powerful “renovator of the skin’smicro-relief” first exfoliates with the sugar crystals, which then melts into a silky substance upon contact with water to thoroughly remove dead skin cells, resulting in soft and luminous skin. It is best to follow this with theLift Serum or Whitex Serum and Fibraxtine Cream for day and Matrixcell Cream for night.

A restructuring moisturiser, Fibraxtine Cream is enriched not only with cocoa butter (high concentration of phytosterols and vitamins A, B, C, E) and Osilift (oat-derived complex sugars that have a lifting effect) but also light reflectors that optically smoothes wrinkles and lines. For best results, use on face and neck after cleaning in the morning. For night time hydration, Matrixcell as a night balm is ideal as it also helps skin regenerate while you sleep. Concentrated with sculpting agent (a plumping amino acid called voluform that “fills” wrinkles and strengthens the facial structure) and anti-free radical extracts of pomegranate, olive oil, shea butter and beeswax, it target cells responsible for creating volume and firmness in order to redefine the contours of the face and increase the skin’s plumpness.

GENXSKIN Treatment:

A 90-minute treatment ($368) that is exclusively available at all Estetica beauty studios.

For best results, the treatment should be carried out for at least six sessions at a frequency of once every seven days.

I hope you find my quick overview and sharing of information helpful! Thank you for reading!

Credited to:Makeup Blogette – Experiencing Estetica’s GENXSKIN Treatment!