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In this entry, I will share my experience after trying out Estetica’s new GenoO+ Super Facial treatment. I tried it out almost 2 weeks ago, but things have been so hectic lately I was unable to sit down and gather my thoughts until this evening.

Just a little background to this new facial treatment – like the name suggests, it is a powerful super facial treatment – in fact, the treatment integrates three cutting edge technologies that give visibly younger looking skin after just one treatment.

And I can vouch for that – I noticed instantly that the fine lines around my mouth virtually vanished. Beyond that, my skin looks and feels taut, firm & clear – and again (I say again because my previous series of facial treatments got the same reactions) people around me noted the difference. For me, I could get away with fewer and fewer products on my face, and nobody could even tell I am not wearing foundation on my face. Furthermore, I don’t think I suffer from that mid-day tired face syndrome – I might be sleepy, but I have noticed how some people’s face seem to slip into this grey dull tone when they are particularly drained or just plain cooped up in a stuffy cold air-conditioned room. I am not sure if you noticed anyone around your office having this mid-day tired face syndrome but really the faded look is not a good look to be sporting. I am not implying that just by this treatment alone, you always look perky fresh even you aren’t feeling as such – but… if your skin is healthy and well-maintained…you just look healthier and energised overall. Other factors play a part as well, such as diet and working out, both of which I am still pretty good at keeping up with.

So this treatment combines 3 powerful high-tech elements –

Firstly, I went through the Tripollar RF – this is to tighten the skin, firming and rejuvenation. The machine used will determine the intensity and duration of the treatment to deliver the best results to your skin. If you are not familiar with RF – it is actually the use of radio frequency – this enhances the dermis layer of the skin in the safest and most pleasant way. Immediate results are visible within the first try, and proven to be long lasting. Tripollar is the third generation of RF technology and it delivers targeted and optimal RF energy right down to the dermal layer of the skin.

I found the RF treatment to be painless, and it is safe enough to be used around the eyes. If you have lines/ wrinkles around your eyes, you might really want to consider going for this. I didn’t feel any particular sensation during the RF treatment which lasted for about 20 minutes – except for a slightly warm sensation which actually is supposed to enhance the metabolism of the fatty cells of the skin to produce collagen that is responsible for skin firming and modeling.

After the RF, we went on to the OXYGENEO – which is a three step skin renewing treatments – exfoliation, infusion and oxygenation. I am no stranger to oxygenation and infusion treatments, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the exfoliation step. An exfoliating capsule is attached to the machine – and together with the gel that is made of natural active ingredients, they slough away dead skin cells and generates carbon dioxide. Honestly, I felt at some point, the exfoliation was getting a little abrasive, and I thought my skin was being scrubbed raw. But my beauty therapist let me touch my skin during the treatment to assure me that the exfoliation was safe and gentle enough for the skin to take it. I suppose the sensation I felt was due to the reaction of the active ingredients and the exfoliating capsule.

Indeed, when she showed me the mirror after this OXYGENEO process (which took about 15 min) all I saw was visibly clear skin, there was hardly any redness which I thought I would experience, and when I touched it, I was pretty amazed at how smooth and clean my skin felt.

For reference, there is a choice of two OXYGENEO kits you can try out, depending on your skin concerns. I had the NeoRevive kit which as the name suggests is good for skin rejuvenation. As you can see in the ‘process’ pics above, in the second and last picture, you can see how smooth my skin looks after the OXYGENEO.

Lastly, I had the ultrasound treatment done, which will increase the skin’s ability to absorb essential nutrients and also break down particles into smaller molecules for absorption of ingredients – and when this happens, your skin have better moisture retention, tighter pores and smoother complexion.

It is also worth noting that each of the 3 steps,

TriPollar RF, OxyGeneo and Ultrasound are available as separate treatments which you can add on to your existing facial treatment at Estetica. You don’t have to do all three at one time, but if your skin craves a good turnaround/ revival, you should do all three in this super facial treatment (which retails at S$758, 90mins). It is recommended that geneO⁺ sessions are done once a week for at least four to six consecutive weeks, followed by monthly touch-ups.

Expensive, but if I really have to pick, I must say that the scariest part of the treatment is also the one which I think gave the best results to my skin – which is the Oxygeneo – My skin was literally scrubbed clean, and it radiated a natural glow which lasted for days after the treatment. The RF is amazing for getting rid (albeit temporarily) the fine lines around my mouth, and improving the overall firmness of my skin.

Post treatment on the same day, I went to see Junry to get my brows done.. and all she did was fill in my brows after much grooming. She also used a little bit of concealer to even out the natural redness in my skin, and lightly powder the shiny areas of my skin (shiny not so much because it’s oily, but just the natural shine of naked skin). I also played at the MAC makeup counter and applied Soar Lipliner and Mehr lipstick on my lips. Lovely combo.

And I think this was 3 days later, when I sent my brother off for his army enlistment. It was early (barely 8am when the pic was taken) – and I only had on tinted sunscreen and powdered my face. This lasted me the whole day, and I must say I look pretty fresh and radiant without looking made up at all.

To end off, I must say that this super facial treatment is very effective, this is clearly a case of you pay for what you get – the results are impressive and clearly guaranteed in my case. I won’t recommend this treatment if you have existing acne condition and/or have large open pores/active pimples going on, as the Oxygeneo can be quite harsh. But if you are fighting signs of aging, you want to maintain your skin condition, and if budget permits, definitely try out this GeneO+ treatment at Estetica.

On a personal update note, it’s been quiet around the house lately, with the bro going to serve the country, and my sister spending a month in Berlin. Not that I have been home much myself, as Nov is working itself out to be a pretty emotional and hectic month work-wise, lots of farewells, end of the year admin, planning and a lot of changes are taking place. I won’t be travelling this year end, but I am planning something BIG… and I might share after it is all over.

I hope that my sharing has been helpful, and thank you for reading!

Credited to: Makeup Blogette – Experiencing Estetica’s GeneO+ Super Facial