Estetica Products Review

After trying out their GeneO+ Super Facial, I went on to try out their highly raved ést.lab products!

Here I have with me in this blog post are:

  • ActivCalm Hyalusol HA+ Serum ($160/ 30ml)
  • OptimaLift A+ Eye Contour Mask ($96/ 6 sheets)
  • SunShield UVA & UVB Protection SPF 50 ($72/ 30ml)

My favourite product among the entire three is the ActivCalm Hyalusol HA+ Serum because of my generally dry skin. With the weather so dry nowadays, this certainly helped me a lot!It helps to keep my skin hydrated by retaining moisture and replenish hyaluronic acid by forming a non-occlusive layer on the skin surface that protects and moisturizes the skin inside out.The main ingredient in ActivCalm Hyalusol HA+ Serum is Sodium Hyaluronate which is the sodium salt derived from hyaluronic acid. I am sure all skincare junkies are familiar with hyaluronic acid. If you don’t, let me feed you with a little information.Hyaluronic acid is a major component of skin as it is present in numerous connective tissue and it is one of the components of Natural Moisturizing Factor as it can retain water and thus, increase the skin viscosity and elasticity.

Not only do I love the functions of it, I love the design of the bottle as well. I am a sucker for bottles that comes with a dropper because it makes applying skincare more convenient. The glass bottle also make it look luxurious!

The transparent droplet is the serum. It gets absorbed in really quickly (even faster than you can realize) and this is why I love this serum so much!

Just apply it twice a day – Morning and Night onto the face and you will be able to see a bouncier skin!

Next up is OptimaLift A+ Eye Contour Mask.

Each pair is priced at $16 and one shouldn’t save on any eye mask or eye cream because eyes often show the first sign of aging! You can’t get ride of fine lines totally unless you go for botox but you can prevent them!

With key ingredients like Regu-AGE PF, Haloxyl and Eyeseryl, you will be able to restore youthful radiance around the eye contours.


Let me brief you as I go along….

Regu-AGE PF is derived from purified soy, rice peptides and biotechnological produced yeast protein:

Fast and effective in protecting and strengthening the tissues under the eyes area = reduce puffiness
Reduce dark circles


Activates the elimination of blood originated pigments responsible for dark eye circles


Prevent fluid retention
Reduce puffy eye bags

Just to mention, I also really love the material of the eye-mask! It is bio-cellulose so it will adheres snugly to the skin. You can continue to do your own stuffs like sitting up-right to use the computer or play with you pet without worrying if it will drop off.

Each time after I apply the eye-mask, I tend to feel that the eyes area are more hydrated and definitely firmer. I see why it is so good in preventing fine lines!!

Just use the masks twice a week and 20 minutes per session.

Now for SunShield SPF50…

Other than just a sunscreen, it has other benefits like anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-oxidant, soothing and whitening effects as well.

If you are a lazy person like me, this will certainly suit you as well!

The texture is slightly thicker so you can also use it as a concealer or a make up base. If you are just heading somewhere near, you can even skip the step of applying powder because it has a sheer coverage.


Although it looks white here, the sunscreen will change colour to match your skin tone after a few rub. Hence, do not worry about the different shades because it’s a one shade fits all sunscreen!

The sunshield contains UV sensitive marine DNA that ensures that UV blockers and nutria-boosters are only released to the skin upon UV exposure. Isn’t this amazing? Do note that you still have to re-apply it after towel drying, swimming or perspiring.

I bet you never knew, A*STAR was also involved in the R&D for Estetica Beauty Products!

Estetica’s unwavering commitment to R&D is exemplified by them being the first homegrown beauty brand to collaborate with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore’s leading public research agency.

To focus on a scientific approach towards beauty, Estetica and A*STAR have co-developed the SkAI™ (Skin Analytics and Ingredients) Matrix with knowledge tapped from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering’s (IMRE) vast polymer bank. Containing a comprehensive list of ingredients and materials obtained from the world’s leading manufacturers, SkAI™ benchmarks each ingredient across four main categories – Safety, Efficacy, Compatibility and Marketability.

What this means is that Estetica will only select and formulate the safest and most effective beauty products for you and me!

Credited from : Maybeline Estetica Products Review – Maybeline Sim