This may sound kind of silly, but I have always wanted to try treatments at Estetica – just because my favourite actress Jesseca Liu is their brand ambassador. Well, I must say their TVC was pretty well done and convincing too!

I was given the opportunity to try Estetica’s Cellu-Buster Body Therapy & Acoustic Multi Wave Slim & Tone Therapy just when I could no longer bear with the bloatedness of my tummy, stubborn flab areas and water retention. The super negative consequence of a sedentary job and lifestyle without much exercise. And nope, having a hectic and busy schedule didn’t help enough in burning those calories! Post festive holiday blues have long started kicking in!

Made my way to Estetica (Plaza Singapura outlet) and was introduced to the branch manager, Alice. Was warmly received by the Estetica staff who were all smiles and courteous. In my head I was already thinking about the treatments I was about to experience and wonder if my figure will ever be as perfect as Jesseca’s (minus the height)! Estetica offered an environment which makes you dream.

I did a body fat analysis after a quick consultation, whereby my height, weight, measurements and body analysis information were recorded. Alice was an experienced beautician who could immediately tell me that I was having water retention, whether my fats were “hard” or “soft”, and what kind of treatments I need to solve my body conscious issues. Yes I definitely felt scrutinized, but in a good way because I wanted to know where the problems lie and how to address them, whether in terms of diet, exercise or lifestyle habits.

I didn’t walk into Estetica thinking that ONE treatment is going to make me lose weight instantly. The expectation was to understand what I needed to know, do and be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices on top of the treatments, definitely – consuming less calories and working out the right way.

Beauty centres today also began to understand what their customers want. We don’t just want to be slimmer, we’re hoping to achieve a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, and for me, detoxification and body wellness is high on the priority list. We need to cleanse, perspire and expel all the toxins from our bodies due to the stress, unhealthy food and hectic lifestyles/habits. It was important to me to convey these thoughts to the beauticians so that they understand our intent and goals, in order to help us achieve them.

Here we go! Be prepared to see lots of “fatty” and flabby shots of me and my bloated tummy that screams “kill all the fats – NOW!”

The first step was an anti-tox treatment, an aromatic body scrub for detoxification and exfoliation. It felt like a regular all-over body scrub (the kind which you might opt for to go with your massages).

Osmo Sens Drainage – a mixture of Osmo Thermy, which gives an osmotic balance (body scrub + bath salts), and Phyto Aromes that takes into consideration aromatic well-being (massage oil+bath oil). The draining sensory getaway series relieves feeling of bloatedness and decongests heavy legs.

I was surprised that Alice personally attended to me for the treatment. The pressure she exerted during the scrub was just right, and even felt a little like a massage while the polishing was going on.

Next was Detox Catabolism : using a hot blanket to drain water retention and provide an overall relaxed environment as the body expels perspiration and toxins. It was a little uncomfortable at first from the heat within the blanket, while my skin was still covered with scrub. But it was completely bearable and necessary, and soon I actually fell asleep in the dim room and napped till it was time for a shower to wash it all off! I didn’t realise I was perspiring quite a bit within the hot blanket until I was scooped out of it. It felt amazing to sweat it all out!

After a super refreshing and rejuvenating shower (shower room’s conveniently right outside the treatment room), a fat burn serum/ampoule was applied on my legs, arms and tummy, Then a roller massager was introduced to stimulate blood circulation, speed up the fat burning process and reduce cellulite. I guess the leaner and tenser areas like my calves experienced some pain from the massaging, but it was pretty comfortable on my thighs and arms. Ooops, that says a lot, doesn’t it?

Cellulit’Vib Drain oil + Cellulit’Vib Fat Burn Serum

Next, a fat-burner simulator (Cellulit Drain Oil) was applied before a Cellu Reductor Massage on targeted areas.

The treatment ended off with the Acoustic Multi-Wave Slim & Tone Therapy which uses the 3-MAX™ machine for fat reduction & body toning.

So what’s 3-MAX™?

It is one of the most advanced body sculpting systems available in the market currently, utilizing the integrated core functions of Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Pneumatic Vacuum Technology.

This machine has got 2 specialized applicators:

(I) Stable Ultrasonic Cavitation Applicator for Fat Reduction & Cellulite Treatment

Ultrasonic Cavitation generates tiny bubbles and lets them grow and busted. 36KHz ultrasonic cavitation is safe for fat reduction. Its unique vibration technology increases frequencies and maximizes the effects of cavitation.

(II) Optimized Multi-Polar RF with Pneumatic Vacuum Applicator for Body Sculpting & Lymphatic Drainage

RF delivers thermal energy deep into the dermal layer and boosts oxygen generation in the cells by heat and micro-circulation. It reduces the size of fat cells, destabilizes them and the fat cells are then eliminated through our bodies’ own natural processes. Besides promoting metabolism and inducing collagen regeneration, it also helps in skin tightening & firming.

The vacuum component increases blood circulation and optimizes the efficiency of energy delivery. The massaging effect from the vacuum induces lymphatic drainage to promote the elimnation of toxins and excess body fluids. It can even help to alleviate minor muscular pain!

A little aching sensation was felt at first, but I soon got used to it. It even became quite enjoyable after a while, and I watched my tummy become flatter and less flabby. Amazing!

Tummy looked like it had a post-workout flush, and visibly slimmer and less bloated. Success!

After the treatment, I had a shapelier contour, a flatter tummy and overall, I was feeling better after a successful detox!

It’s been about 1-2 weeks since the treatment, and the feeling of bloatedness and lethargy never came back. Looking forward to more sessions to experience even more visible results and a healthier, more confident body!

Love, everyday. Till next time!

Credited to: Melissa Jane – Estetica: Cellu-Buster Body Therapy & Acoustic Multi Wave Slim & Tone Therapy!