Facials. Be it at a spa or during an evening in, they’re undoubtedly a beauty must for many. Our faces are affected by numerous elements everyday – from environmental causes to hereditary skin issues, and hectic lifestyles. Accumulated pollutants get stuck in our pores, plus dust and grime can cause the skin to look dull. It became a great deal for us to pay extra attention to our skin. That’s because it’s hard to deny that you want youthful, healthy skin for years to come. Beyond diet and fitness, your next savior is facial. If done right, facials could work wonders in restoring radiance and achieving an occasional pick-me-up.

The one gripe about facials though – is if done wrongly, they become a waste of time and can even damage your skin. Sometimes you just wish you didn’t go in the first place. Hence, it’s important to find a good and well-trained aesthetician who could answer your queries.

Thanks to the experts at Estetica, a homegrown beauty institute established since 1980, I found my answer in their customised facial treatment. Known for their numerous award-winning high efficacy beauty treatments and products, I knew the treatment was definitely worth a try. I visited Plaza Singapura outlet some time ago and was recommended to try out the Customised Facial Treatment.

The skin analysis

The brand’s facials are unique in the sense that they advocate customised treatments that would best suit your skin type – by using a SkinTech Machine to find out your current skin condition (including level of hydration sebum, skin elasticity, pigmentation, etc.). Since I have a combination skin type that can get extremely oily at times, I felt relieved knowing that the treatment could be specially customised for my skin type.

The pampering began

My therapist escorted me to the treatment room and the snug, soft bed. She began the cleanse with Derma Calm Cleansing Milk & ActivCalm Calming Lotion, followed by exfoliation with LumiWhite Brightening Scrub. My eyebrows got trimmed, face got steamed, and then came word that sends shivers down my spine: extraction. The hunt for black heads can be a painful experience, but luckily she kept the digging light and soon I was back in my deeply relaxed state, thanks to her expert hands.

Next came the application of serum and essence. PurClear Nano Silver Essence AG+ was applied on my entire face to help clear and prevent the formation of acne & blackheads. It aimed to strengthen immunity against acne and inflammation. ActivCalm Hyalusol HA+ Serum was applied on my cheeks and neck to deeply hydrate my skin, boost radiance and suppleness. I then had a therapeutic facial massage with PurClear Normalizing Cream to help control sebum production and minimise open pores, before the Cherry Whitening Mask was applied for a good 25 minutes to achieve total radiance. I was finally snapped out of my doze with an awesome back and shoulder massage.

Overall, I felt more refreshed and my skin felt noticeably softer and smoother after the treatment. What I really like was that there was no post-treatment redness even after so much extraction. I was told that this was due to the soothing mask that was applied after the extraction. Another plus point was that the entire treatment was customised according to my skin’s needs so I didn’t have to worry about the possibility that there might be a mismatch of products to my skin type!



Source: Novita – Estetica Beauty’s Customised Facial Treatment