Going Makeup-Free Has Never Been This Easy, Thanks To This Buzz-Worthy Treatment

This incredibly ingenious hack to saving time getting ready in the AM is a real winner in our books.

Busy #BossBabes, listen up. We’ve got a smart solution to shaving precious minutes off your makeup prep on manic Monday mornings.

Enter Estetica’s exciting new BB Dewy Shine Therapy. This semi-permanent service is a healing hybrid of base makeup and soothing skincare — an absolute godsend if you’re struggling with enlarged pores, pigmentation and a blotchy complexion.

Awakening in the AM looking as polished as the you did in the PM prior? Yes, please. Here’s how it works. This gentle non-invasive treatment uses microneedles via a Micro Needle Therapy System to suffuse your skin with ampoules containing a calming cocktail of brightening boosters and pigments for a perfectly polished finish, and with no downtime to boot.

Fans of the #IWokeUpLikeThis no-makeup makeup look will love the instantly illuminating effect of the BB Dewy Shine Therapy, which blurs out blemishes, fine lines and imperfections for a subtle sheen that looks and feels just like real skin. You’re also guaranteed top-notch ingredients free of nasties like heavy metals and pore-clogging additives.

The fast, fabulous and fuss-free process has clinched our beauty editor’s vote of confidence for being the Best Instant Skin-enhancing Service in our signature ELLE Treat List 2018, a round-up of the best powerhouse procedures to pamper yourself with this year.

Bottomline? This tried-and-tested treatment will leave your skin look and feeling fresh, flawless and fabulous — all day, every day.

Want a primer on what to expect at your procedure? See the “magic” in action by hitting play on the quick-and-easy video below:

Info Source: https://www.elle.sg/beauty/makeup/treat-list-winner-estetica-bb-dewy-shine-therapy-9481768