5 bright ideas to lift your gloom

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What’s dull skin?
Do you know that healthy skin cells turn over every 28 days? For most of us, this only happens during our teenage years. Once you reach your 20s, the rate of cell renewal will start to decelerate. And once you reach your 30s…

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Decreased sebum secretion can leave your skin looking dry and rough. Worse, it can make your face look patchy, as not every part of your skin shows signs of ageing at the same time. And by the time you hit your 30s and 40s, it can take up to 40 days for your skin cells to regenerate. Your blood circulation becomes poorer and the natural pinkish glow of the skin is significantly reduced. The result of this? Dull, lacklustre skin!

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Is it all dull and gloomy?

No, of course not! There are many ways to keep our skin from looking dull and tired. Here are 5 tips for you to lift the gloom:

1. Sleep:

Anything that keeps you up at night is getting in the way of your skin, whether it’s stress or caffeine. Sleep is the body’s restorative time when your skin cells repair themselves and regenerate. If that period is shortened or altered, skin cells cannot perform at their optimum, leading to circulatory changes including dark eye circles and dry, flaky skin. In short, getting sufficient rest makes a big difference in boosting cellular renewal. Just one more reason to head to bed early each night!

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2. Proper sun exposure:

While exposure to the sun without adequate protection is a bane, sun exposure during the magic hours of 8am – 10am and evening between 5pm and 6pm is actually beneficial for your skin! During this period, sunlight triggers the synthesis of vitamin D within the body and Stanford researchers have found that this action causes immune cells to travel to the outer layers of the skin to protect and help repair damage such as that caused by sun exposure.

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3. Dietary change:

Regular booze and caffeine bingeing dehydrate the skin. Instead, eat more vegetables as they help balance your body’s pH levels to enable your skin to GLOW from within. Eating green leafy vegetables such as spinach, and red vegetables like carrots and tomatoes, aid in skin repair. Fruits like apples bring back skin’s natural radiance as they contain pectins that absorb toxins from the skin and neutralize skin damage. Cut down on sugary foods as they break down collagen and elastin over time, thereby accelerating the ageing process.

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4. Exercise:

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day as exercising ensures the skin is supplied with fresh oxygen, which in turn encourages cell regeneration and helps to correct uneven skin tone. Exercising also boosts the production of endorphins, hormones that immediately lift your gloomy feelings (and skin!) and make you feel gooooood… And when you feel good, your skin looks good too!

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5. Brighten up:

Besides weekly exfoliation that removes build-up of dead skin cells, a brightening facial is one of the best kinds of treatment to clarify skin imperfections and dullness. Estetica’s Enzymacid Facial restores maximum radiance to your skin and dramatically improves the quality of skin tissues. This multi-action peeling treatment is able to immediately remove superficial layers and dead cells on the skin surface, resulting in a smoother and brighter complexion. The skin is thus better able to absorb nutrients, boost tissue renewal, revitalize skin cells and improve skin tone.

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Benefits of this Hi-Tech Enzymacid Facial:
1. Mechanical Action to remove dead skin cells
2. Instant Chemical Action to smoothen skin
3. Brightening Action to lighten skin tone
4. Long-lasting Biological Action over several weeks, encouraging tissue renewal
5. Revitalizing Action to promote skin cell renewal and improve skin tone
6. Removes superficial layers and dead skin cells for better absorption of active ingredients
7. Brightens dull complexion to achieve a fairer, more luminous skin tone
8. Lightens pigmentation due to sun damage or ageing
9. Stimulates cellular renewal to revitalize skin tissues

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