Is this k-beauty trend legit or it’s just another marketing gimmick…

If you’re a big k-beauty junkie, you may have heard of double cleansing or you’ve already incorporated it into your 10-step Korean skincare ritual. While double cleansing has been around for some time now, have you ever wondered if it’s necessary to double cleanse daily? Is it just another marketing spiel to make you buy two cleansers? But more importantly, is it ruining your skin?


Let us break it down for you and help you decide if you actually need to double cleanse.

First, what is double cleansing?

Never mind if you haven’t heard of it before or are still unsure of what it is. Double cleansing basically means to use two different types of cleansers to wash your face twice so as to ensure that all impurities are thoroughly removed. 

The first cleanse typically uses an oil-based cleanser such as a cleansing oil, balm or milk to dissolve oil-based impurities on your skin such as makeup, water-proof sunscreen and excessive sebum trapped deep within your pores. 

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Next, the second cleanse uses a water-based cleanser such as a cleansing foam, gel, mousse or micellar water to dissolve water-based impurities such as dirt and sweat on the surface of the skin. 

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Double cleansing ensures that all traces of makeup, sunscreen and impurities are removed from your skin so that they will not clog your pores and cause irritation or breakouts. By doing so, it also prepares your skin to allow followup skincare to be better absorbed by your skin.

Who actually needs double cleansing?

To answer this question, it depends on the formula of your cleansers.

Today’s cleansers are formulated to be able to break down light makeup, most sunscreens, dirt, pollutants and other surface debris. For example, our LumiGlow Enzyme Cleansing Pods are able to remove all sorts of impurities while exfoliating your skin at the same time.. 

However, if you’re wearing waterproof sunscreen and heavy transfer-proof makeup, double cleansing is highly recommended to first break down those formulas, followed by a second cleanse to ensure all residual makeup is removed and skin is thoroughly cleansed.


Double cleansing is also especially great for those with oily skin. If you’ve oily skin and find that your regular cleanser is not effective in removing excess oil, and normal oil-control cleansers are too harsh on your skin as they strip away your skin’s natural moisture, try double cleansing! 

For the first cleanse, use an oil-based cleanser. As oil attracts oil, the oil-based cleansers will reach deeper into your pores to remove impurities without leaving your skin tight and dry. Follow up with a water-based cleanser to remove any residue completely.

The verdict?

Yes and no. Yes, if you’re wearing waterproof sunscreen or heavy makeup, or you’ve oily or acne-prone skin. It’s not necessary if your cleanser can do its job well in just one cleanse.

However, what’s more important is to pay attention to how your skin reacts and adjust your skincare routine accordingly. 

To avoid over-stripping your skin of moisture, find formulas that are hydrating yet effective at the same time. For the first cleanse, try ést.lab’s ActivCalm Gentle Cleansing Milk that contains Pumpkin Seed extract to soothe inflammation, calm sensitive skin prone to redness and strengthen skin’s immunity to restore skin to its optimal health.

Followed by ést.lab’s ActivCalm Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Mousse that transforms into dense micro bubbles that penetrate deep within the pores to quickly remove residual dirt, sebum and impurities without stripping skin of moisture, leaving skin incredibly soft, smooth and moisturised.

To reach hard to reach areas, try our newly upgraded 2.0 ActivCalm Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Mousse that comes with a built-in deep cleansing silicone brush head that has soft bristles to clear out excess oil, bacteria and blackheads without disturbing your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Or, enhance your cleansing experience with ést.lab’s LumiGlow SmartSkin Buddy MODE 1 (CLEANSE) that utilises Thermal Compress + Sonic Vibrations + Galvanic Ion Therapy to open up pores and draw out impurities from your pores to the surface of the skin.

Even though it’s not mandatory, double cleansing is actually a good skincare habit to adopt for a more thoroughly cleansed skin. It’s extremely important to remove all traces of makeup, sunscreen and pollutants as they will accumulate and clog up your pores over time, and even cause undesirable breakouts. 

So no, it’s not really a marketing gimmick. Try it and feel the difference for yourself!


In good hands,