It might be more than just excessive sebum production.

Have you tried reading a map before? Maybe you’re too dependent on Google Maps to bother doing that. Well, now is your chance to try it out, using your face as a map! 

Face mapping, also known as face reading, is an ancient medical practice that stems from traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda teaching. Essentially, your face is seen as a map that can help you identify issues that your body may be having. This is done by associating parts of your face to specific organs or body parts. 

You may be wondering how scientific and trustworthy this seemingly archaic practice is. Well, what’s old is gold, and this couldn’t be more true for face mapping!

Let’s decode the acne breakouts on our faces together, beginning from the top!


Your forehead is linked to your bladder and digestive system. Breakouts here may indicate that you’re eating too much processed or junk food. Some issues related to these organs are constipation, urinary tract infection, and irritable bowel syndrome. Try to cut down on the sugar and fats in your diet, and refrain from drinking too much alcohol.

Between the Brows

This area is linked to your liver and stomach. Breakouts between your brows may be due to excessive drinking, smoking, or consuming of rich foods. Cut down on dairy products like cheese and butter, avoid late night snacking trips, and get more exercise!


Your nose is connected to your heart and lungs, and breakouts here could indicate issues with your blood pressure. Eat less meat and salt, stock up on your Vitamin B supplements and check your blood pressure levels regularly.

Left and Right Cheeks

The left cheek is associated with your liver and stomach. Take in more ‘cooling’ food like cucumbers, melons, and green beans. The right cheek, on the other hand, is associated with the lungs and respiratory system. It is linked to issues involving allergies and sinuses. Stay away from polluted air and smoke, and maintain a proper hygiene routine.

Mouth Area

Here, breakouts could be blamed on your digestive system. Take in more fibre by adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and avoid spicy food. And don’t forget to wipe your mouth after eating as greasy food residues may clog your pores as well!

Chin and Jawline

Hormones are usually the cause of breakouts at this area and it can be due to your menstrual cycle, or if you have high levels of stress. Avoid fatty and sugar-heavy food, and drink some chamomile tea to keep calm and reduce your anxiety.

Unfortunately, your acne will not miraculously disappear just because you identified the root cause(s) of your breakouts. It will take time for your body to detoxify and get used to the changes in your diet and lifestyle. Of course, you’ll need to complement it with the right skincare products to help you clear your acne!

1. Gentle Cleanser

Try the ActivCalm Gentle Cleansing Milk, which is a cleanser suited for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin. It gets rid of dirt and excess sebum from your skin without stripping it of all the essential oils. It contains ECOCert® certified organic CHAMOMILE-ECO which augments blood flow to the skin and soothes angry breakouts.

2. Oil-Control Moisturiser

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3. Skin Recovery Serum

Save your skin from the ravages of acne with the ActivCalm Ultra-Calm Serum, which helps to repair inflamed, fragile skin! It soothes any irritation on your skin while strengthening your skin’s defence against external factors. 

Treat face mapping as an extra tip to figuring out your skincare needs. With an improved diet and better lifestyle habits, you’ll be reaping the benefits soon. We can’t wait for you to show off your new face mapping skills to your friends and family! 

In Good Hands,